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Sunday 9 December 2018

Tommy Robinson March IS A FLOP

Today brought the moment of truth for the New World Order of those still inhabiting the planet UKIP. In conjunction with Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, they held a so-called “Brexit Betrayal March” in London. This began at the Dorchester on Park Lane, that well-known working man’s retreat, and proceeded via Victoria to Westminster. But there was a counter protest.
This started its journey outside the BBC in Portland Place, before taking in Oxford Circus and Regent Street before rounding Trafalgar Square and ending up on Whitehall. And the problem for Lennon, and his new best pal, UKIP leader Adolf von Batten, was that the counter protesters’ march was bigger. Worse, the UKIP and Lennon march attracted real racists and an unappealing convocation of conspiracy theorists and weirdoes.
John O’Connell of Far Right Watch gave a flavour of who was backing Lennon. “Yaxley-Lennon / #Ukip #Brexit 'Rally' ... Banners spotted : Generation Identity (Paramilitary Fascists) Casuals (Football Thugs) EDL (of course) And a few 'Fork Britain’” (ho ho ho). Meanwhile, Catherine Wylie from the PA reported “Counter-protesters marching against the so-called Brexit betrayal march are making their way down Regent Street in central London”. A very much more ordered scene it was, too.
Then came the weirdos, as Sam Blewett of the PA observed. “Here at the ‘Brexit betrayal’ march is a man holding a noose. He gave his name as Laukan Creasey, from Stevenage. I asked why he was carrying it. ‘That’s what the traitor May deserves. That’s what treasonous people get,’ he said”. Stuart Taylor pointed out that Creasey had assaulted his manager after losing his job at a road sweeping firm recently.
Another Tweeter concluded “This is who they really are!” after seeing one on the Lennon and UKIP march holding a placard proclaiming “Jo Cox = False Flag”. Meanwhile, Blewett had also noted the GI flags. “Along with the Ukip flags are those for Generation Identity. It’s described by anti-fascist campaigners Hope Not Hate as a ‘far-right’ movement that is ‘strongly anti-Muslim’”. He’s too kind. They are actual Nazis. But stylish with it.
Mike Stuchbery noticed that even Russian State TV, which tends to turn up and back the likes of Lennon, showed the GI flags. Why were they there? “Can't see why - it's a family-friendly Brexit, protest innit? Not about threatening to deport foreigners and antagonizing Muslims, surely?” Sebastian Payne of the FT saw one sign proclaiming “Lugenpress”.
But there’s no Nazis there, honestly. As to who was aggravating whom, the Anti-Fascist Network revealed “A small group of ~30 fascists have come down to Piccadilly Circus to have a go at our thousands-strong #StopTommyRobinson demo. Good luck lads”.
And Owen Jones had the top line that really mattered: “Over 15,000 are marching against fascism on London’s streets - and less than *3,000* have marched on Tommy Robinson’s demo. An absolute humiliation for him and for fascism here and abroad”.
Could it get more farcical? As if you need to ask: Nick Lowles observed “Comedy moment at #BrexitBetrayalMarch when #TommyRobinson tells the crowd to use their phones to join UKIP. He demonstrates and his card is rejected. Just about sums up the day”. Stephen Lennon’s gift to UKIP is to confirm it as a laughing stock. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Paul said...

Is this the Laukan Creasey of Porky's Travel?

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see what British State TV does with this......

Better, we hope, than it does with invitations to far right propagandists......