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Thursday 13 August 2015

Sun Owen Jones Smear Fail

By the merest coincidence, the piss-poor SunNation website has decided that the left-leaning pundit it has to go after is the same one that the embittered rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog has been blubbering about for some time - Owen Jones. The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his equally talent-free entourage cannot bear someone of opposing political persuasion doing better than them.
Owen Jones ... successful

The extant to which the Fawkes folks have pursued Jones can be gauged from incidents such as the affair of the allegedly phoney Twitter followers earlier this year, which Zelo Street regulars will remember as the occasion when libel bully and amateur human being Staines issued legal threats against me, only to find my legal team telling him, in not so many words, where he could shove his attitude.

And now it has come to pass that SunNation has decided to take the baton from those chez Fawkes in order to carry on the pointless assault on Owen Jones, the latest puerile snark suggesting that he uses an autocue - which he could not possibly be doing. After Jones appeared on Channel 4 News, and later on the BBC, while the Fawkes folks appeared on neither channel, off went SunNation.

He was using a similar form of words! The Murdoch doggies were aghast! “Bar a slightly different configuration to kick off the sentence, that’s a 100 per cent match. It’s almost like he’s reading off the Autocue”. Yeah, right. The reality is that Jones gets asked similar questions on several progs, needs to make his point crisply and concisely, and so needs to have a suitably crafted soundbite ready. That is all.

Ah, but it isn’t all: there is also a reference to SunNation’s last attack on Jones, where the hacks claim “WORKING MAN’S CHAMPION OWEN JONES REALLY LOVES FLOWERS”. Er, hello? Someone has a vase with flowers in it somewhere in their flat, and that is newsworthy? Oh, and hang on a minute, he’s got a cat too! This is juxtaposed with his being “a proud working class northerner” and a “binmen’s champion”.

Would there be some other agenda in play here, perchance? Why would a national newspaper’s website spend so much time poring over the background of a pundit’s YouTube channel? And why has no-one at the Baby Shard been prepared to put his or her name on the by-line of this piece? Oh, hang on a minute, I’ve got it, what they’re trying to tell readers is LOOK EVERYONE, THE LEFTY IS GAY!

You think it can’t get any worse? Sadly, it can indeed get worse: as the SunNationlook he’s got flowers in his flat” article suggests that Jones is minted, it uses as a citation … yes, the Guido Fawkes blog. A website brought to us by an allegedly credible newspaper uses the Fawkes rabble as a credible source. Well, so few of the population believe them anyway - they might as well live up to their reputation.

Meanwhile, Owen Jones is a successful author and pundit. And the Sun can’t stop that.


Anonymous said...

Slap on the wrist, Tim.

You could and should have said "...they might as well live down [not up] to their reputation."

Love the fact Jonesy never loses any of his ability to wind them up. But that's just a by-product of knowing your subject, knowing your enemy and knowing when to stick it to them. I bet the Staines and Sun hacks are disappearing up their own arses trying to counter his common sense decency.

It takes Jones maybe five minutes to shred five hours of neocon nutjobs.

More power to his elbow - straight, gay or in between.

Will said...

haha! they do have an issue with him! one of them has recently left to join the sun which is probably why it has now taken up their mantle!

Jonathan said...

He is this generation's Orwell remember?

Unknown said...

In the old days The Scum would have called him a 'limp wristed lefty loony'. It seems that they haven't changed :(

Anonymous said...

At least they didn't use the word "flamboyant". Even the Sun has been dragged halfway into modernity.

Andy McDonald said...

Has it really come to this? That political comment in this country has really come down to playgroup level name calling? Oooh, he likes flowers! The big gay gayer!

I despair.

Gayle said...

My grandfather was working class and had a lovely garden. So what a bloke likes flowers. Means nothing.