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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Dan Hodges Opposes Himself

And still the Labour leadership contest goes on, with the full array of pundits and pollsters trying desperately to discern voting intentions and trends, and still more passing often less than totally informed comment on the candidates, their supporters, and who they may or may not have been associating with, slagging off, urging to withdraw, and, the ultimate sadness, giving their second preference votes to.
Still lecturing about loyalty. Allegedly

In among this fog of battle shines the light, however dim, emanating from the Telegraph’s not at all celebrated blues artiste Whinging Dan Hodges, who veers between tentative support of one or other mainstream candidate - last week it was definitely Yvette Cooper, but now he’s hedged his bets and suggested Andy Burnham as an alternative - and the more regular howling denunciation of anyone supporting Jeremy Corbyn.

The title of his latest missive on the latter subject tells you all you needed to know: “Why are Labour Party members putting up with the Corbyn cultists' claptrap? Someone needs to tell the Trumpton revolutionaries that if they want to play politics, they’ll have to find their own party to play with”. So what was his problem? “Almost one in five of the recently registered had voted for other parties at the general election”.

Er, hello Dan, isn’t the whole point that Labour get those who haven’t voted for them before, or, more importantly, have deserted the party over the years, to get on board? Isn’t the idea of excluding anyone else just the kind of insular, failed thinking that the likes of you have been railing about? How exactly is Labour supposed to win a General Election without reaching out beyond its core vote? But do go on.

What I genuinely can’t stomach is the Corbyn Camp’s intellectual perversity and pomposity”. Like pretending to be a Labour member, but at the same time slagging off the leadership and actively campaigning for a Tory (to whit Bozza)? That would be you, Dan. But there’s more: “For the past month, Corbyn’s acolytes have been branding anyone who opposes them a Tory”. Er, no, it’s not just Corbyn supporters. Try again.

We’ve now reached the stage where the Corbyn cultists are effectively arguing that membership of the Labour party at any point over the past 30 years represents the ultimate act of treachery towards that party”. Dan, I see lots of Corbyn supporters in my timeline and haven’t seen that sentiment expressed once.

And then comes the real pearler: “Why are people who have dedicated their lives to Labour letting a bunch of three-quid-dog-on-a-rope-rent-a-Trots lecture them on their own party?” Whatever Hodges’ politics, by his own admission, the “three-quid-dog-on-a-rope” line applies to him. Yes, Dan, you said “I put in my details, paid my £3, and I was in”. You said those exact words last month, when you claimed to have rejoined Labour.

Dan Hodges, by his own admission, did not really rejoin Labour. Now he’s whining about those who, er, haven’t really rejoined Labour. Can you smell burning?


Anonymous said...

“Almost one in five of the recently registered had voted for other parties at the general election”.

Could someone please explain how politicians appear to have intimate knowledge of how individual members of the public voted in the general election in what is supposed to be a secret vote? I remember the then home secretary David Blunkett saying exactly the same thing ten years ago.

I realise that the careful relating of voter number and voting slip number makes this possible, but is it done?


Jonathan said...

My main dislike of Camp Corbyn is the the abuse that is meted out to anyone who criticizes or questions Corbyn

Amanda Kendal said...

To Jonathan - I've seen some dire stuff (on Facebook) from the anti-Corbyn brigade - patronising/matronising, arrogant etc - that is precisely why I have ended up getting more involved in the debate, although I have no vote. Incidentally, or former Labour MP is one of those dishing out arrogant crap.

Do not try to pretend it's been one sided.

However, there has not been a single negative comment from Corbyn himself, and that's way, WAY better than any other candidate.

And for info, I have no vote in this.

Anonymous said...

My main dislike of the anti-Corbyn camp is that they support people who were and are part of warmongering, mass murdering, politically traitorous far right New Labour.


Miss Costello said...

"Why are people who have dedicated their lives to Labour letting a bunch of three-quid-dog-on-a-rope-rent-a-Trots lecture them on their own party?”

Does he wake up with that shite in his gob? Poor sod.

Miss Costello said...


Shouldn't the title of this piece be 'Dan Hodges EXPOSES himself'to be an ignorant, prejudiced prick, suffering from a political identity crisis??

Ps. I'd never heard of this pompous prat untill today. You have a lot to answer for...Tim Fenton :)

Jonathan said...

Anon 18:28 comments like that show why the left are broken

Anonymous said...

You'd like to think so Jonathan @ 11.39. But if the left is (temporarily) broken at least it doesn't have the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents or the creation of millions of refugees on its conscience, or the creation of a far right one party state with different factions, or the encouragement of a Canary Wharf money laundromat, or a quarter of our country living in poverty, or de facto unemployment over two million, or individual and collective corruption in Parliament.

That's what people like you created. And you're welcome to it.