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Sunday 16 August 2015

Don’t Menshn Corbyn Whoppers

The attempts by the Murdoch press to go after veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn, because he is doing well in the Labour leadership contest, and worse than that, he cannot be influenced or otherwise manipulated by the entreaties of Creepy Uncle Rupe, continue today as (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch has been given free rein to say a number of things about him that are not true.
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Moreover, given the dubious quality of the Mensch mutterings, her most recent rant has not been treated to the protection of a paywall and has been made free to view. It is all that the most discerning rant connoisseur could wish for, but, sadly, its relationship with reality is fleeting at best. “I’d never have joked about Corbyn if I’d known horrific truth … Leftie’s closeness to anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers is a disgrace” is the headline.

Closeness such as what, exactly? “Labour is going with Jeremy Corbyn [ballot papers haven’t gone out and she knows the result already] Support the IRA? No worries [Corbyn has never expressed support for the IRA] Hang out with anti-Semites and give money to Holocaust deniers? Not a problem [he was alleged to have given money, but not even the Daily Mail would go so far as to assert it as fact]”.

But she’s concerned about the Labour Party: “What’s far more worrying is the supine silence of Labour MPs, terrified about reselection”. Er, hello? What planet is she on? Silence is the last thing emanating from just about every Labour MP just now. Try again. “It’s been shown that Corbyn regularly donates to and defends anti-Semites”. No it hasn’t. Did Rupe’s downmarket troops have this column legalled beforehand?

But do go on. “I served in Parliament with Corbyn and knew he was anti Israel’s right to exist”. Strange, nobody else did. But there’s more: “I had no idea Corbyn had supported so many anti-Semites”. Neither did he. Then it’s on to the ballot. “Meanwhile, Labour’s disastrous ‘£3 to crash our party’ programme is seeing all sorts register just to vote for Jezza [you know how they’re all voting, then? No, thought not]”

And on she wibbles. “So much for open primaries [it isn’t an open primary] Harriet Harman ought to call off the union-hijacked contest [Trades Unions have nothing to do with the £3 ‘registered supporters’]”. Then comes her stern advice for Young Dave, whom she wants to get on with a raft of Very Wonderful legislation.

The PM mustn’t fall asleep at the wheel. He has a priceless chance to enact truly Tory policy … English votes for English laws [doubtful] Abolish the Human Rights Act [won’t happen, not under “Oiky” Gove] Get powers back from Europe [won’t happen] More free schools [more money down the drain, more like] End sharia courts [tribunals, you mean, and it won’t happen] Fix immigration [won’t happen].

And on she ploughs: “Even Boris Johnson, who hasn’t courted Tory MPs, is no longer a danger”. Bit like you then, Ms Mensch. You’re lucky Jezza isn’t litigious.

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Anonymous said...

Any day now the thick New York based fascist loon will turn up with two pencils in her nostrils and a hankie on her head warbling "Wibble!"

It's a necessary ritual for entering the Murdoch Nazi Asylum.

Well, that and an inclination to kick to death the nearest prone street casualty.