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Thursday 27 August 2015

Rod Liddle - You’re A Bigot

Net migration has risen yet again: the figure for the year ending last March was around 330,000, an increase of 28% over the previous year, and more than three times the sort-of-official target of 100,000 intimated by Young Dave when he gave his “no ifs, no buts” pledge back in 2010. But what could the right-leaning press do? They could hardly blame Labour more than five years after the party left office.
Just having the one bottle, eh Rod?

No, all they could do was to whinge pointlessly, and when you want someone to whinge pointlessly in a way that will out-whinge and out-pointless everyone else, professional misery guts Rod Liddle is your man. “I’M NOT ALLOWED TO SAY IT, BUT MIGRANTS *ARE* SWAMPING THE UK” proclaims the piss-poor SunNation website, adding for good measure “Our columnist argues the country has changed beyond recognition”.

This is, as Liddle well knows, not merely bullshit, but dishonest bullshit: we are so not allowed to carp about migrants “swamping” the UK that those not allowed to mention it don’t include the Express (HERE), Telegraph (HERE), or the Mail (HERE and HERE). As Harry Palmer told Colonel Stok in Funeral In Berlin, Liddle talks well, and lies badly. And as to “changed beyond recognition”, this is also bullshit.

That cuts no ice with Lugubrious Liddle: “The country has changed beyond recognition in such a desperately short space of time. Now, one in eight people living here were born abroad”. Yes, like when we had the Empire and lots of Britons were born out in India, Africa, the West Indies, and all those other places most of the population were glad to see us leave. But Rod says “I’m not remotely comfortable with this”.

And there’s more: “The Government is still scared of being labelled ‘racist’ by gobby liberals who want our borders totally open … You can hear this point of view every time the BBC does a news report”. And he wants us to leave, er, the UN: “there’s no doubt the Government is hamstrung, both by our membership of the European Union and, indeed, the United Nations. Both organisations insist we should be taking in more people. The UN (with the support of the BBC) is censuring some European countries … for simply sending the migrants back en masse”. You’ll notice it’s the BBC’s fault, too.

And he’s still not allowed to express his view: “This is by far the most serious problem facing the UK and Europe. We are being swamped, to use a word you’re not allowed to use because the liberals think it’s nasty. But swamped is exactly the right word, isn’t it? This is a gigantic catastrophe, financially, socially and culturally. We should tell the UN to get stuffed and send back all those migrants who have arrived here illegally”.

Pack of lies, or what? The main “financial, social and cultural” impact of having all those people coming to the UK is that it benefits the economy massively: they claim far less per person in benefits, they’re prepared to do all the jobs nobody else wants, they want to get on and better themselves, and many create their own - productive - businesses. And they learn English too. What’s not to like?

Rod Liddle, you’re an antediluvian bigot. And bloody miserable with it.

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Anonymous said...

He's not just a bigot.

He's a dick head too.

Let's get it right, Tim.