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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Super Soaraway Twitter Swindle

When it comes to Premier League football, Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun think of everything – right down to Twitter accounts for the participating clubs. This feature, despite the paper’s less than fraternal relationship with the locals, has been extended to Merseyside, and there are accounts for both Everton and Liverpool.
One Zelo Street regular, unconvinced that a paper with form like the Sun could so easily muster over 7,500 followers from Liverpool supporters, decided to have a sniff around the list of those followers, and, like 007 with Mr Wint’s aftershave, he soon smelt a rat. Why might that be? Ah well. We have been here before. Let us consider the first of our screen shots.
There’s a real representative bunch of Kopites. Or maybe they have season tickets for the Kremlin. More likely they have neither. But this could, of course, be mere coincidence. Heck, it’s not as if it’s blatant, and after all, we’re talking more than seven and a half thousand followers. Well, hurry up and fix your make-up, because if you want blatant, it’s coming right up.
I bring you the less than coincidental presence of Eight Guys Named Bright (including Bright Endroad, Bright Crimecourt, and Bright Deathbed). That would be bang to rights, Sun people, and, as the man said, there’s more.
The Sun’s Liverpool FC Twitter feed also features a lot of followers called Charles, and here are four of them, by the merest coincidence all together.
Just the four? Heck no, here’s another five of them, demonstrating that we have journeyed well beyond the shores of coincidence.
And lo, here’s another three of the Charles clan, including Charles Wonsome and Charles Lostsome, keeping each other company. And let’s cut to the conclusion: this Twitter account is stuffed with phony followers. Whether Sun hacks were involved is immaterial: it’s their account, and their lookout.

Only one conclusion can be reached from this exercise: that the Sun is so reviled on Merseyside that their LFC Twitter account only got past 7,500 followers by being chock full of fakes. What a complete shower.

1 comment:

SteveB said...

but on the Bright Side (or should that be @BSide ?)

whilst they are padding out various pointless Twitter accounts they aren't bombarding us with fake emails about designer drugs, cheap medecines, parcels waiting collection and things we needn't go into here....

odd that so many of the Brights all started tweeting at the same weekend!