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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Murdoch Is Served (98)


To which the answer may well be, well, wouldn’t you like to know? And if you were fortunate enough to live outside the UK, in a jurisdiction where our contempt laws do not apply, you would know everything by now, or at least know where to find out. But some of the tangled relationships in and around dear old Rupe and his inner circle can be discussed, so let’s make a start.
Who's been an alleged naughty boy then?

When news emerged that Rupe and Wendi Deng were to divorce, a rumour spread that she had had an affair with A Very Senior Politician. By miraculous coincidence, the name of the blessed Tone was pitched. It now appears that Murdoch was behind that one: the purpose was to demonstrate to Ms Deng that she should not make too much fuss, and settle in accordance with the pre-nup she had previously signed.

That Rupe was prepared to drop Blair in it – someone as close to being a family friend as can be imagined – tells you all you need to know about what a ruthless SOB Murdoch senior is. It also speaks to the potential mileage Ms Deng might have gained from pointing out that Rupe was not exactly behaving himself during the period of their marriage. You read that correctly.

Here’s where I have to tread carefully. Rupe was dipping the wick with another Sheila? So who was the bladdy drongo having an affair with? Is Zelo Street going to cut to the chase and name the name? Publish and be damned? Rest easy, blog etiquette kiboshes any hint. This makes things, shall we say, rather more complicated than previous reports have suggested.

So, having warned off Ms Deng, Rupe has the additional problem of upcoming trials featuring some of his most trusted servants, and the fun starts next month. Those who read the guarded observations of articles like that in the Maily Telegraph, telling of revelations that could rock Young Dave and his jolly good party, will find some of the blanks being filled in around this time.

Exactly how the blanks will be filled in you’ll have to wait and see. And yes, this will only make the series of relationships around the Murdoch circle more complicated. There is, allegedly, a further complication within that inner circle. I was reminded of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade on reading about it. But I also want Murdoch’s faithful retainers to get a fair trial, and no get-out clause.

Meanwhile, rest assured that the potential for Cameron to come out of the forthcoming trial-and-revelation cycle smelling other than of roses remains as strong as the pong. You think he made a deal with the devil to get Murdoch on side? It was rather more serious than that. And that bombshell can’t be delayed until some time later than the next General Election. Stay tuned everyone!

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The Last Crusade? That's a great hint!