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Friday 30 August 2013

Don’t Menshn The War

On occasions like last night, Young Dave will have been reassured to know that he could count on the support of one loyal Tory, even if she now represents only the distant constituency of Manhattan Upmarket. Yes, Louise Mensch (for it is she) has commanded “Listen to me, Twitter people”, because she knows everything that is to be known about, well, any subject she chooses. So there.
Has she got news for us? Well, she thinks so

The UK and US, she has decided, should not “war on the side of the rebels, whatever that means. This is because there are “Islamists” in their midst, which as any fule kno is a failing only of Islam, and not of other, more wonderful kinds of organised religion. So what does this ultra-loyal Cameroon have to say about intervention, if we’re not going to take sides?
Simples. “A targeted strike against Assad’s chemical facilities would be right and just”. Er, says who? Where are these “chemical facilities”? Can anyone be sure that none of them are in civilian areas? That could mean gassing an awful lot more innocent people, were any of the stuff to go off as a result. Are they dispatched from mobile launchers? Locating those before firing missiles could be fun, then.
But she does know that we can just start military action, providing the pesky Commons says so: “The Royal Prerogative is used by the PM, with consent of Parliament, to wage war. No international approval req[uired]”. There speaks someone who pretends to know all about the Middle East, but has forgotten one very important four letter word – Suez.
But one villain that Ms Mensch certainly hasn’t forgotten is Mil The Younger, who, as per the Tory Party script, is “weak”: “Miliband looking exceptionally weak after trying to face both ways on Syria. Playing politics with the lives of the gassed”. Yes Louise, as opposed to playing politics with the lives of hundreds of British service personnel who have recently come home in coffins.
And Miliband is one politician with whom Ms Mensch clearly has a problem: his victory in the contest to succeed Pa Broon, she has decided, is “revolting to stand against your own brother for his life’s ambition”. I do hope she never finds out about the Brownlee brothers, who regularly compete against one another, with one of them having to come no higher than second as a result.
Still, Louise is nothing if not well read, so she can make these earth-shattering decisions from a point of view so much more informed than anyone she disagrees with. That means she reads, er, the thoughts of Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam at Trending Central (a venture filleted right HERE). “Ray” likes “to get up the Left’s nose”. Ah, if only the Left would give the witless SOB a sniff, eh?

And if only Louise Mensch could face political reality once in a while.


samanfur said...

Louise Mensch faces whichever reality Uncle Rupert pays her to face.

Anonymous said...

How is the TrendCent video on Galloway an "exclusive"? This makes no sense at all - significant knowledge of video with Galloway line on Israel/rebels beforehand... And smacking down Galloway = "getting up the nose of the left"? Does he realise how cute he is?! :-)