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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Daily Mail Suckered By Bigots AGAIN

What is it about the Daily Mail and its seemingly insatiable appetite for Muslim bashing? After last month’s revelation that the story of the 10 year old boy being denied a drink of water might not have been quite as it seemed has come “'This is a Muslim area and we don't want to see that': Mob pelts brothers-in-law wearing mankinis on sponsored walk with stones and accuses them of being paedophiles”.
What's f***ing wrong with the EDL and BNP, c***?!?

So what was this one about? “Two brothers in law who went on a sponsored walk wearing comedy mankinis had to be picked up by police - after they were pelted with stones and eggs by residents who told them 'this is a Muslim area' and demanded they leave”. So there you have it: readers are now suitably angry at parts of the UK being taken over by those intolerant and aggressive MUSLIMS.

Or maybe it isn’t quite as the Mail would like us to believe. Strangely, last year’s Birmingham Half Marathon – yes, held in the same city as the ruckus reported by the Mail – had at least one participant who wore a mankini, and there are plenty of photos around (HERE, HERE and HERE) suggesting that he didn’t have a problem with those who lived along the route.

Then consider what the wife of Steven Ellis, one of the two brothers-in-law, told the Mail: “We had stopped at a supermarket car park to give the dogs a drink as it was a hot day”. They had taken along their dogs [plural] when the sponsored walk passed through an area where many of the residents were followers of The Prophet. And what kind of dogs might they have been?

Well, we can get an idea by looking at the photos on Ellis’ Facebook page. And while on that page, check out his “Likes”, which include the British National Party (BNP). The Mail is usually so good at trawling social media sites, so why have they missed this one? Ah well. It doesn’t fit the narrative: it’s the kind of inconvenient fact that the Mail discards to ensure the narrative is free of shades of grey.

Then there is the EDL (you’re surprised?): Ellis’ wife told the MailWe didn't even know there was an EDL march planned for that day - we had nothing to do with it”. She could always have asked her husband’s brother-in-law and fellow mankini wearer Jason Hendry, whose Facebook page features, amongst its various “Likes, you guessed it, the EDL.

Hendry also made the following comment on Facebook: “Our story has made mail online and midlands today are coming tomorrow may justice be done!” to which the obvious question is, what is this “justice” he talks of? Exactly what happened that day? Someone will find out, although the Mail seems to be beyond bothering, if it doesn’t fit the Muslim bashing line.

Otherwise, it can only be concluded that the Mail has been suckered yet again.


Anonymous said...

It's very common in big cities to hear Muslims calling areas theirs and to use intimidation tactics.
here is also nearly 200,000 likes on that Facebook page......I know a few Nurses who work in A&E and have personally heard them ranting about Muslims and their ways and they agree with EDL but can't and daren't like the page , I also have 4 ex school mates in the forces and they I heard them talking about how they 'would attend a march if I was on leave when it happens'.
Now is it such a shock when people like that page ? I'll post this and be called an EDL supporter but truth is I don't attend demos , I don't even like their Internet pages but I do live in an area that has a high pop of Muslims and I wouldn't dare walk down certain streets because people are attacked there for not being a part of their beliefs...young lads there have 9/11 screensavers on their phones and have the black jihad flags in their windows and on their cars.
There is a problem with Islam and the way young followers think about uk and its allies and all the so called anti fascists do (who aren't anti fascist btw as they stood side by side supporting sharia law supporters on numerous occasions) is cover the problem because they live in a leafy suburb and know a couple of good Muslims ....I've seen young Pakistani youths online laughing at dead uk soldiers and mocking Boston bomb victims by saying 'USA deserves it' ...these posts are in between edl posts and who gets attacked? The edl posters....there is a big problem and the word racist / fascist is losing its affect because morons believe trying to dig out illegal workers is racist , it's laughable , I'm more afraid of unwashed long haired career activists who wear anonymous masks , bully women online under fake accounts for speaking out against Islam and attacking aged men in crowds of twenty vs 1 because he voices an opinion compared to some lads and lasses who attend an edl demo to make a public complaint against a religion on their day off at the weekend and have a few beers inbetween....it's getting beyond ridiculous now with these so called lefties who are as fascist as they come.

Tim Fenton said...

That a comment is published does not mean that I agree with even 1% of it.

And I reserve the right to publicise its existence, which I will now do.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute load of tosh that comment is, typical edl minded keyboard propagandist coming out with all the usual lies. They end up believing the hate that the edl spew and think they are the oppressed and the ones who face the most discrimination. It's a persecution complex of a people that are not being persecuted, it's just their self righteous supremist beliefs aren't coming true so they take it out on Muslim or lefties etc.

Anonymous said...

I've no reason to defend anybody , it was my own opinion but as I stated ...I'd be classed 'edl' absolute tosh , you are exactly the sort of person I was describing.
Not one word was a lie or inspired by any group , people have opinions and if those opinions do not agree with the far left then you're automatically branded right.....I did explain what would happen and you backed up my theory , truth hurts.

Frankie D. said...

It's because they all have tiny penises...

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts not one bit to me, I embrace it, but my lived experiance of racism is what underlines my perception of life in a contemporary majority white Christian Britain. I am British born, integrated myself to the a soley English speaking childhood hanging out with white friends only, being pleasent to them and not getting into fights or arguments even when white kids stated to pick on me. Back then, wasn't I doing it right, wasn't I being a decent English boy, so why did I get so much racist abuse, why was I attacked, why was I spat at, why was my brother beaten up with sticks and a cricket bat by older white teenagers coming home for lunch from junior school, why would my middle aged mother get shouted racist abuse when she was just only gardening out in the front by white people as they passed? It wasn't such a point of principle for the racists to target us for being Muslims or saying so because we weren't, we were just 'pakis' to them and that was the long and short of it, and today I have grown to realise those childhood racists have adopted those same behaviours and cloated it with a more acceptable form of racism by targeting Muslims and disguising it as a critisim of Islamic extremism. I am no aplogist for Islamic extremists, may they burn in hell, but the biggest extremism in Britain today is white supremism, bigotry and racist imperialism... like it has always been. Every argument you make is text book reversal of realities, you claim such things as a perceived no go areas of Muslim hostile territory, I lived with the consequences of being abused walking down areas of hostility of a soley white inhabited area, so there are Muslims with jihadi flags or whatever, my area was covered with NF, BNP graffiti and nowadays white adults are seen with edl clothing on, what about the absolute hatred out their on social media against Muslims, even not so close Caucasian friends can be seen posting dehumanising articles posts pics and rants against ordinary Muslim and I've seen out and out incitement to murder being preached by the edl followers and their ilks. The reality is that it is predominantly these people who are doing everything to undermine social cohesion with their Muslim bashing, in the past it was paki bashing, in the future it will be some other undesirable as profiled by the establishment bigots to whip up hostility and have a scapegoat to get the unthinking gulible public focus their rage on while they keep us divided and cause trouble elsewhere in the world. One thing is for sure, you'll have the unwashed career activists... that'll be you... people in glass houses mate!