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Sunday 12 August 2012

Nadine And A New Constituency

Last week, I touched on the response of (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries to the possible abandonment of Parliamentary boundary changes, where Corporal Clegg was effectively saving her patch, not that you would have guessed by her sniping reaction. But since then, the fragrant Nadine has decided that even if Mid Bedfordshire had been for the chop, it wouldn’t have mattered to her.

I want a word with your constituency chairman!

This has been confirmed by her increasingly sceptical local paper Bedfordshire On Sunday, formerly a staunch defender of the MP and keen censor of any dissenting comments posted in response to articles about her, but now seeing through the blatant self-promotion and rapidly tiring of it. “Am I bothered?’ response to boundary change row” is the headline of today’s piece.

Here, Ms Dorries tells that “Although my Mid Bedfordshire seat would have been abolished I had a number of other options open to me. I am not concerned for myself as I think my chances of finding another constituency are pretty good. I am not bothered personally whether the boundary changes go ahead or not. I would just have to move to a new area and get to know that constituency”.

Really? Where is this new Dorries friendly constituency, or even constituencies plural? It certainly isn’t anywhere in Bedfordshire, where all the neighbouring MPs are not about to jack in at the next election, and especially not for her. Her native Merseyside is rather short of openings for Tory MPs right now, whichever side of the river you look. So no safe haven there, either.

So here’s the challenge: where in England (I’m dismissing the idea that any displaced Tory MP, let alone Nadine Dorries, could find a safe seat in Scotland or Wales) is there a Tory constituency association that would be prepared to entertain the prospect of a replacing their retiring MP with a successor who will be around 58 years old at the next General Election?

Moreover, Ms Dorries is someone who comes with significant baggage, given her stance and behaviour on a number of issues, her employment of family members on the Government payroll, and, as I noted last week, the kind of company she chooses to keep in the Westminster Village. A flurry of puff pieces from the odious Quentin Letts (let’s not) and spin from the Guido Fawkes blog is unlikely to change minds.

But maybe there is somewhere that has entertained the prospect of inviting the fragrant Nadine to become their MP. As ever, the email address at right is always happy to receive further information, and your confidence will be maintained. All that is needed is the name of the constituency, but of course any additional information would be much appreciated.

Otherwise, it has to be assumed that this is just more Dorries bravado.

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