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Saturday 18 August 2012

Dennis Rice – An Open Letter

Hello Dennis. You aren’t happy about what I posted yesterday? That’s most unfortunate, but it’s no excuse for your going off on one, saying “Tim Fenton, another blogger who also lies and lies on daily basis”. Show me. You can’t. And, as the man said, there’s more: “According to Fenton last week married Miss Mensch was having an improper relationship with a blogger who supported her”.

No direction home for Dennis Rice

According to me, Dennis, there was no assertion or even suggestion that Ms Mensch (we’re not at the Daily Mail now) or any other MP was having an improper relationship with anyone. The only one who matches the description of “no hint of evidence, just smears” is you. And that means you’re in no position to call me or indeed anyone else out for anything.

And another area, Dennis, where you’re batting on a very sticky track is to take to Twitter to threaten and intimidate someone – as you did with Tim Ireland – including implying that you would take your echo chamber along and get someone to film it – and then assert that those you’ve just been threatening have “a coterie of online thugs”. That’s where your congenital stupidity lets you down.

Then there’s that pisspoor blog that you claimis written by a number of anonymous national newspaper journalists”. But that number is one, Dennis, because it’s you writing it, and you’re not anonymous because Tim Ireland rumbled you. Heck, even the “national newspaper journalists” one is a bit tenuous, given the Mail has run only three pieces with your by-line since the start of last year.

In fact, only one of those articles has appeared this year. Just one. And what was that about, Dennis? It was a lame slice of speculation about the Middleton family and the Party Pieces business. That was the only thing you got your name on in the Mail this year. You really are a busted flush, Dennis. And you know that. That’s why you’ve resorted to name calling in a vain attempt to shut me up.

And that’s not been terribly original or intellectually challenging, has it? “Baldy ... freak ... weirdo ... old fool ... gender issues”. Laugh? I thought I’d never start. Oh wait, you’ve saved the real gems for later: “Serbia ... Gaddafi”. Yes, I’m accused of being “Gaddafi Tim”. And how many degrees removed from Stalin or Hitler are we, Dennis? Or is your fantasy land more of a Mao Zedong or Pol Pot one?

I can’t say I’m surprised, given you called McGuffin at Tabloid Watch an “Islamist”. You’re just reading from a list of tabloid demons in the hope that one of the smears will stick. It won’t have any effect, other than to get more folks laughing at you as that supposedly insider blog degenerates into a vehicle for snarking at Tim Ireland, just because he outsmarted you. He didn’t have to try too hard.

You’re washed up and out of credibility, Dennis. But don’t let me stop you digging.

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