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Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Vote Approaches

Next Tuesday is Mid Term Election day in the USA. The results are not expected to be good overall for the Democrats, though not as bad as in 1994 when Bill Clinton got his wake up call. All of the House is up for election, and some of the Senate (the latter is on a six year cycle, rather than two).

You can see how the various Senate, House and Gubernatorial races are shaping up HERE.

But there are already rumblings coming from the right. Voter fraud is being alleged, which appears strange given that the same right wing is in the lead in so many races. There is method in this madness, though: any close race – and the outcome for the Senate may be very close indeed – that does not go the way of the GOP instantly becomes a target for conspiracy theories.

The accusations of Democrat led fraud have already been debunked, but they keep on coming, with the issue of voter suppression being largely ignored. This time round, there is no ACORN to demonise, but a target will be found. And in the vanguard of whipping up voter fraud allegations? As MMFA have shown, this is a continuing speciality of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

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