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Sunday, 31 October 2010

An Evening At La Bombeta

Think how eating out happens in the UK. Now consider how it happens in the suburbs of Barcelona – the suburb in question being the port area of Barceloneta.

The place to go for tapas in Barceloneta is La Bombeta on Carrer Maquinista, which is just off the area’s main street, Passeig Joan de Borbó. The speciality of this particular house is Bombas, which are a kind of potato and meat ball with spicy sauce. It’s in the comfort food category.

But there are the usual regional staples: Pan amb Tomaquet (bread smeared in tomato, oil and garlic) is an almost obligatory side order. Skewers of meat, and smoked sausage, are other popular choices. And the place is busy.

How busy? I got there at about 1945 hours, and that is a good latest time to arrive. Soon, every table was taken, and outside, punters waited patiently. Many came into the restaurant and ordered wine and beer, which was then taken outside and sipped as the drinkers waited for a table.

Not the kind of scene you would find in many parts of the UK. And was it pricy? Heck, no: a good feed including vino – there has to be vino – came in at under fifteen Euro.

Cracking stuff. No doubt there will be more tomorrow.

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