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Sunday 24 October 2010

Alas, Poor Christopher

Time was – as recently as January this year – that when you looked at the Maily Telegraph homepage of a Sunday, the “Comment and Blogs” headlines would include the latest dubiously crafted screed from Christopher Booker. How things have changed for the Great Man – and not for the better.

Today, Booker’s comment piece is neither signposted at the outset, nor given any prominence on the Comment homepage. The subject is out of the usual Booker hate list – today’s is trying to paint a picture of EU takeover of the Royal Navy – but over time the columns convince less and less.

And the hundreds of commenters have dwindled to a couple of dozen (correct at 1855 hours). Yes, I considered most of those who responded to Booker’s more popular rants to be certifiable, but the columns were popular nevertheless.

Perhaps the lack of prominence is a hint by Telegraph editorial staff. I’ll give it until the end of March.

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