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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tea Party – Growing Concern

What is the Tea Party? It doesn’t consist of one particular organisation, and nor are the origins of Tea Party groups the same. What kind of people and views does it represent? This is a question which has been addressed by the Tea Party Nationalism report, the first of its kind.

The origins of the Tea Party movement, the factions involved, and some of those lending their support to the movement, are considered. So too is the tendency of some in and around the Tea Party movement to racism and anti-Semitism, together with what the report called the “Militia Impulse”.

Also explored is the “birther” movement, which is prevalent within Tea Party circles – the idea that Barack Obama was born outside the USA, often allied to an assertion that he is also a Muslim.

The report is a comprehensive analysis and makes disturbing reading. Take, for instance, the summary of the “Tea Party Express” group: “leaders have unleashed vicious rants and explicit racism”. Yet more disturbing is that this group is getting favourable coverage from one particular media outlet.

Yes, despite Rupe telling that his troops “should not be supporting the Tea Party, or indeed any party”, Tea Party Express is being shamelessly pushed by Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

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