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Thursday 14 October 2010

Don’t Risk The Wine

The advertising break is a routine distraction for anyone watching what used to be called, slightly sniffily, commercial television. Normally this does not concern me, but a recent ad for Jacob’s Creek wines has caused a little worry.

Not that there is anything less than totally bonzer about Jacob’s Creek, or indeed any other vino coming out of Oz. I’m sure it’s just bladdy good, and no worries. My problem is with the way in which the dinner party guests dispense the stuff.

This usually enjoyable task is shown in the ad being done by holding the bottle by its base. For some wine waiters, this is no doubt a straightforward action, but I worry that anyone imitating the style may not be in full control of bottle and contents.

And you wouldn’t want to spill any, so my tip is to keep firm hold of the bottle around the middle. Copying the advert may look swish, but where it could lead, as Harry Callahan once said, is a hell of a price to pay for being stylish.

1 comment:

allegoricus said...

Aye, but holding the bottle sensibly hides the label. ;-)