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Wednesday 13 October 2010

Murdoch Is Served (23)

As the Guardian has revealed today, the Metropolitan Police can be a clueless crowd. Following the C4 Dispatches programme on Phonehackgate, the Met’s finest have decided to get off their collective rears and do something about it. They have written to Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger.

So what? Well, the assembled rozzers have asked Rusbridger if he has any new evidence for them. Mr R, having picked his chin off the deck, has written back pointing out that, as Nick Davies has noted on more than one past occasion, the Met have plenty of evidence in their own files.

Moreover, the Guardian editor advised that Davies had obtained much of his evidence from interviewing former Screws employees, and suggested that they do likewise. He also noted that the Met could have interviewed those people back in 2006, when the story broke, but they did not.

Rusbridger concluded, having mentioned the involvement of the NYT and C4 in addition to the Guardian, “The fact that three separate news organisations have been able to uncover this story must give you hope that you, too, could get to the bottom of it without too much trouble”.

The full text of his letter is HERE [pdf].

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