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Wednesday 16 September 2020

Fawkes Labour MP Smear Busted TWICE

Being fully invested in The Adoration Of The Bozo means never having to say you’re sorry, especially if your targets are a Labour MP - any Labour MP - and the hated BBC. So it was that Tom Harwood, replacement teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, smeared new intake MP Nadia Whittome last May.

What time is it Eccles?

Under the headingCurious Case Of Nadia Whittome’s ‘Sacking’” (wanting readers to think that she wasn’t really sacked), anyone not yet asleep is told “23 year old Corbynista MP Nadia Whittome made a splash yesterday evening as she declared she had been ‘sacked’ from her role as a casual worker at a retirement home in her constituency. Whittome claims that she was ‘sacked’ for ‘speaking out about a lack of PPE’”.

There was more. “This is despite the home, which has not had a single Coronavirus death, saying it has ‘three months’ supply of PPE, including over 25,000 pairs of gloves, 7,700 aprons and nearly 6,000 masks’ … Guido can see why a retirement home may ask a gobby casual worker to no longer very occasionally saunter in, especially if her media appearances from the local press to Newsnight were unduly scaring the residents”.

And a suitably sneering sign-off: “A Government source tells Guido ‘Another week, another false story lapped up by the BBC’”. But here a problem entered: as Zelo Street discovered, “The ExtraCare trust, which runs the retirement village where Ms Whittome worked before becoming an MP (not mentioned by Harwood) and where she had been volunteering, did indeed have a shortage of PPE. Hence their urgent appeal, which they acknowledged on 16 April, when they also admitted they were still short of supplies at 20 locations”.

So there had been a shortage of PPE. And now has come definitive proof that The Great Guido was talking out of the back of his neck (again), as the Mirror has told readersIn a statement seen exclusively by the Mirror Mick Laverty, ExtraCare’s Chief Exec, said ‘Nadia raised these issues regarding PPE in good faith and with the best interests of everyone involved at heart … In conjunction with Nadia, we made a number of appeals for extra support with PPE supply and, which helped us obtain further supplies of PPE'”.

There was more. “For example, in March 2020 we made several online requests for PPE across social media and requested that Nadia consider recording an appeal video for PPE on 3 April 2020 to help us obtain further supplies. We really appreciated her raising these issues which helped highlight the issue of PPE supply chain issues both within Lark Hill and across the Care Sector. Nadia’s work and support during the engagement was of considerable assistance to ExtraCare and our residents”.

The Fawkes massive owe Ms Whittome an apology. So where is it? But you know the answer already: there isn’t one. Teaboy Tom told a pack of lies - another in a long line of them - about Ms Whittome, and the post remains live an unamended.

The Fawkes blog isn’t journalism. And you can’t see it from there, either.

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Anonymous said...

That'll be enough to get the moron on a BBC "Press Preview".

Anonymous said...

So, having falsely smeared Rosena Allin-Khan, the cunts have started on another Labour MP sacrificing their time and risking their health to help others during a national emergency.

In the meantime, Tory MPs are being sentenced or investigated for sexual assault ... Baroness Fox of Buckley had the right idea about Tory Party Conferences.

Jonathan said...

where is Guido and his motley crue of apprentice toast monitors on the two year sentence handed down to former Tory MP Charlie 'Naughty Tory' Elphicke?

As you have no doubt guessed, nowhere as per usual.

Jonathan said...

Not many rightwing hacks mentioning the 'Naughty Tory's' conviction for sexual assaults against 2 women this week...wonder why???

Anonymous said...

I recall being told that we couldn't criticise the whip being restored to Elphicke before a confidence vote in Theresa May because 'innocent until proven guilty'. Now that his guilt is fully established, can we go back in time to rerun the vote and, if it's lost, ask Jeremy Corbyn to form a government?