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Saturday 26 September 2020

Bozo Poverty - Cue The Nanoviolin

The attempts to make all those people who are Just About Managing have sympathy for alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his having to live on a mere £160,000 a year may be starting to grate, such are the blatant double standards on show, but what is clear, as the Daily Mail has got out the king-size onion once more, is that voters are being softened up for Bozo’s imminent departure from 10 Downing Street.

That today’s whingefest may have Bozo’s blessing should not be in doubt, after the name of Andrew Pierce (speaking as a gay man) appeared on the by-line. Pierce does not call himself @toryboypierce for nothing, and the headline tells you all you need to know. “Who'll bail out Boris? Johnson has taken a vast pay cut to be PM, his ex-wife Marina Wheeler is 'cleaning him out' in expensive divorce, he's unable to afford a nanny - and is forced to pay for every No10 meal himself”. No-one is forcing him to pay for anything.

He has to pay when someone else does the cooking - rather as you or I would have to do on visiting a restaurant. If he could be arsed doing his own cooking, he wouldn’t have to, but then, Bozo is terminally lazy at most things, so he’s more than likely never bothered to figure out so much as heating a can of baked beans in the microwave.

But on ploughs the Mail. “Can it really be true that with a salary of £150,000 Mr Johnson does not have enough spare cash to host a few friends to help him unwind from the cares of office? Certainly in recent weeks there have been increasing murmurs about his financial plight and its effect on both his physical and mental well-being”. Yeah, right.

Tell that to all those folks who have to buy their kids second-hand school uniforms, can’t afford a car and don’t have the money to eat out. But do go on: “at Downing Street, while Boris has the services of a cleaner, there is no housekeeper. There is no nanny for Wilfred because, says a friend, 'they can't afford one’”. Do without like ordinary folks, then.

We then read “Boris's divorce from long-suffering QC wife Marina Wheeler pivoted on the finances … The settlement with his former wife is estimated to have amounted to around £2 million. As a close friend of Boris told us: 'He was cleaned out.’” Marry a lawyer, repeatedly cheat on her, father the odd sprog along the way, repent at leisure.

And talking about his various partners, there is this nugget: “He has to support Carrie, who is not working”. Many young mums would have arranged child care and returned to work. Not Ms Symonds. And we are supposed to sympathise with Bozo for this? Especially when she’s caught lording it at a 5-star hotel in the Italian lakes with her pals last week?

Still, let’s see where the Mail is driving this one. “The danger for Johnson is that gossip about his financial position could make him vulnerable … Unlike his predecessor Theresa May, whose banker husband Philip was highly paid, and David Cameron who was well off through marriage and family connections, Boris has no other income to fall back on”.

Really? Yes, really: “Of course, if he were to stand down as Prime Minister his money problems would be solved at a stroke”. So we’re expected to accept that, having been gifted the job he always wanted, Bozo can just turn tail and run when the UK’s in the mire.

How’s that trust being repaid, first time Tory voters? Don’t all shout at once.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's a brown envelope in the post; stuffed with Roubles.

Arnold said...

"So we’re expected to accept that, having been gifted the job he always wanted, Bozo can just turn tail and run when the UK’s in the mire."
I wouldn't be surprised. To avoid the blame for the Brexitshambles, Covidshambles, and the end of the UK.

Sparky said...

"... heating a can of baked beans in the microwave"
Bozo should get Grayling to visit and show him how.

Anonymous said...

So Bojo is broke then? Somehow I don't see him walking the streets singing " Buddy can you spare a Dime". Mind you it would be funny.

iMatt said...

I wonder how many Mail readers will be nodding in agreement and saying "Yeah, Boris IS underpaid"? More fool those who do. You could cut his PM salary in half. And halve it again and it will still be above the average UK wage.

Whether a British PM should be paid more (or not) is an argument which goes beyond Johnson. Whatever the salary, he should have known the amount prior to getting his grubby paws on the polished doorknob of No10.

Many of us are fully aware of the Tories lecturing the nation and individuals to ''live within their means''. Unless you are a Tory PM who famously called his £275k salary from the Telegraph for penning a weekly column, "chicken feed'' of course!

Red Star said...

Sounds like he's preparing the ground for a get-away.

Perhaps Brexit is going even worse than we thought ?

Anonymous said...

Bullingdon Broke is the aspirational broke when even your butler is broke.

Iain said...

Not to forget as PM he probably couldn't legally benefit from a No Deal Brexit windfall like his mates are planning to do.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember something in PE a few years back saying that marina had booted him out of N1 after he had his cock out publicly (again) And that she only took him back after assorted Johnson made pleas and promised that if she did and further lodging occurred she’d get loads of houses, farms and land. Legal Papers were signed to that effect And she took the fat shitter back. We know he’s had multiple knobbings both prior and post. I hope he gets squeezed filched and filleted and baby wilf gets donated to oxfam (tax reclaimable donation natch). Bastard. Well two actually, and for sure several more.

Jonathan said...

Somehow don't think MI5 or MI6 will be too pleased at the kite flying done on behalf of the Blonde Buffoon by the right leaning press.

Having a Prime Minister with a penchant for skirt chasing is bad enough, but one who is allegedly 'poor' leaves our man in No10 vulnerable to Foreign agents akin to the Profumo scandal back in the early 60s.

Maybe Putin could lend Bozza some cash in return for a few exiled Russians in London who prove a nuisance to the Kremlin?

Putin's already got one leader in his pocket, with Polecat having friends on Russia, sure the FSB, will be calling by Polecat's home for some advice n how to bend the Bozza to their will.