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Sunday 6 September 2020

Brexit - Now Look Here Johnny Foreigner

Brexit talks resume next week. And just to show Michel Barnier and his team that David Frost and his fellow Brits are full of wind and piss, a press offensive has been launched today to jolly well tell these foreign types that we mean business. It will reassure those who still believe what the right-leaning part of the Fourth Estate tells them; everyone else will find it cringeworthy in the extreme. Because it is no more than empty bluster.

The Sunday Brexit, still called the Express, has tried veiled threats, thundering “PM WANTS EU TO GET REAL … Brussels faces being starved of cash from UK money markets”. Someone has not heard of the European Central Bank. But it is the increasingly wayward Mail on Sunday that has gone into full patronising lecture mode.

On eve of vital talks to avoid No Deal Brexit, PM’s chief negotiator warns EU in exclusive interview … THIS TIME WE WON’T BLINK”. Do go on. “Lord Frost warned his EU counterpart Michel Barnier the UK would not become a ‘client state’ of Brussels by accepting restrictions on fishing rights and vetos of our laws”. That’s bad. But it gets worse.

Lord Frost said the EU needed to realise that Mr Johnson’s Government was adopting a more steely and determined than Theresa May’s”. But enough. The EU, as I never tire of pointing out, is a rules based organisation, and will play by those rules. Frost knows what those rules are. The empty rhetoric is pointless. Not that the MoS is telling its readers.

We know this as the paper has published an editorial alongside the Frost interview, a “Mail on Sunday Comment” so divorced from reality, it could have been part of a script for The Mash Report, such is the obvious pointlessness and patronising tone.

The key to negotiation is to make demands you can achieve and to let the other side know that you mean business” it begins, before going totally OTT. “In his interview with the Mail on Sunday, Lord Frost shows that he understands this very well … The European Union would be wise to recognise that our chief Brexit negotiator cannot be browbeaten”.

Now look here, foreign chappies! “[He] understands that Britain is now a sovereign state [it always was, thanks], and has a determined Prime Minister standing behind him. He will not blink”. If alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was so determined, he would be running his own Government. But he isn’t, and so he isn’t. Do carry on.

Its current, rather lofty, envoy, Michel Barnier, is in for a shock if he continues to treat this country as a wayward EU member that needs to be chivvied back into line”. Total misunderstanding of EU membership, there. Can it get worse? Don’t ask.

This approach will achieve nothing. Serious European leaders, who obviously do not want a breach with one of the continent’s most important nations and economies, would be wise to consider a more conciliatory attitude, and perhaps a new negotiator as well”.

M Barnier has been mandated by all 27 EU member states to conclude negotiations. He will not be replaced; there will be no departure from the rules by which the EU plays. Most likely the MoS knows this, but must maintain the pretence to reassure its readers.

This is not merely desperate. It is pointless. Worse, it is delusional. No change there, then.

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Anonymous said...

Threat: Boris Johnson calls for Cabinet ministers to quit over Theresa May's draft Brexit deal, warning it will turn Britain into a "vassal state"
Result: Johnson signs deal 95% identical to May's

Threat: Boris Johnson says he'd "rather be dead in a ditch" than go and ask Brussels for a delay to Brexit
Result: Johnson begs EU for extension

Threat: Boris Johnson warns he would allow a post-Brexit border down the Irish Sea “over my dead body"
Result: Johnson confirms post-Brexit border checks on goods crossing Irish Sea

Threat: Boris Johnson vows his Brexit deal is "oven ready" and just needs to be heated up in the microwave
Result: Farage denounces 'deal' as requiring years of negotiations while Gove has to explain in February that the 'oven ready' Brexit has already been scraped into the bin

Threat: Boris Johnson warns EU "to get real"
Result: EU piss themselves laughing at the twat

Arnold said...

Lord Frost said the EU needed to realise that Mr Johnson’s Government was adopting a more steely and determined than Theresa May’s”.
Is this the same Bozo government that caved in and agreed to a border in the Irish Sea? Just asking

Steve Woods said...

"Someone has not heard of the European Central Bank."

Nor indeed of that long-established financial services powerhouse otherwise known as Frankfurt am Main.

Jonathan said...

Playing Russian Roulette with the EU27, to show ur hard for the Sunday Brexit & Sunday Sieg Heil is all bluster and Barnier and his team are way too experienced to be fooled.

The EU ain't worried, if Bozza wants to play silly buggers on fishing in British waters by deploying the Royal Navy.

Me thinks Bozo will attempt a summit with Merkel to pull out a last-minute white rabbit, in other words cave in by throwing the fishermen under the bus.