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Tuesday 15 September 2020

Priti Patel Demands Action Against Herself

Doing the studio rounds this morning, and in the process showing just how shallow the Tory talent pool really is, Priti Patel, who for some reason has been appointed Home Secretary, has wasted no time in laying down the law on gatherings of more than six people, in the process dropping so many Gs that Jim Laker would have approved.

Appearing on the Radio 4 Today Programme, she was in no doubt that the law had to be not merely respected, but obeyed. “You have got to put this in the context of coronavirus and keepin’ distance, wearin’ masks … The rule of six is about makin’ sure that people are bein’ conscientious and not puttin’ other people’s health at risk”. No messin’.

She continued in the same vein on Sky News. “I’m rarely at home but if I saw somethink that I thought was inappropriate then, quite frankly, I would call the police. It’s not dobbin’ in neighbours, it’s all about us takin’ personal responsibility”. Then she started to go wrong, beginning with Covid-19 testing, or the clear lack of it.

Mobile testing is goin’ in, capacity is goin’ into local areas where lockdowns have been undertaken and are takin’ place … I think it is wrong to say tests are not available, new book-in slots are bein’ made available every single day, mobile testin’ units are bein’ made available … And on top of that home-testin’ kits are bein’ issued across the country but specifically in local lockdown areas”. That’s not what Matt Hancock says. He says testing shortages are real, and will continue for several weeks.

But Ms Patel’s main problem is her consistency and credibility. On the one hand, she wants everyone else to respect and obey the law, while she and her fellow Tory MPs get to vote for legislation which one of their number admitted last week would break it. So Brandon “barrow boy” Lewis had admitted the Polecat Enabling Act, more prosaically called the Internal Market Bill, would involve breaking the law. What say Ms Patel?

We are absolutely not doin’ that … the purpose of the bill is to ensure we preserve the integrity of the United Kingdom … We’ve said from day one ... that we would always stand by our word and not compromise when it comes to unfettered access in goods and services but also standin’ by the Good Friday agreement … We are ensurin’ the UK internal market bill stays true to that principle. That is why we are bringin’ this bill forward”.

But there is no prospect of “unfettered access in goods and services” across the whole of the United Kingdom being threatened, compromised, curtailed, abridged or even influenced by any outside bodies, as the Government claims. This is all about trying to bluff the EU into concessions - which are not about to be given - by using the Irish Republic as leverage. Because it might hurt them more than it will hurt us.

So Priti Patel will have no problem with anyone who dobs her in over her support for lawbreaking, a potential criminal conspiracy. Just how serious a situation the Tories’ bill would create, if passed into law, has been laid out by Michael Dougan, Professor of European Law at Liverpool University (thread HERE).

The Home Secretary is demanding action is taken against herself. I am not makin’ this up.

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Anonymous said...

Every time I see Patel I can't help wondering, no exaggeration, what it is that drives someone to be so marrow-deep evil that he/she becomes an insensate organism. I don't think there's anybody in contemporary British politics whose face exudes so much bitter hatred and sociopathic resentment.

Something must have happened in the woman's life to turn her into such a mess of curmudgeonly wickedness. Somewhere she crossed a line from humanity into whatever she is now.

Of course, she isn't alone in this disconnect. There are plenty of others. But she does seem to be a prime candidate for serious counseling.

Jonathan said...

As a mental health professional, it's really not surprising how Priti Vacant ever reached the upper echelons of British Politics- nasty, bitter,bully and willingness to do whatever The Polecat wants.

if your insecure,greedy and unscrupulous you'll go far in politics especially if it's the Tories, Pritti being the prime example.