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Friday 28 August 2020

Dan Wootton - A Lying Shit

The Murdoch Sun’s deeply repellant and obscenely overpaid “executive editor” Dan Wootton has once again been doing his master’s bidding and laying into the hated BBC for all he is worth, which, admittedly, is not very much, other than his being useful for filling in potholes. He achieves his goal by talking well, but lying badly.

Dan Wootton - a talentless creep

IF there was any doubt the BBC is a blundering, woke mess of an organisation, no longer fit for purpose, then the last seven days should have changed your mind” he splutters in the opening to his latest column, going on to claim “90 per cent of the country reacted in fury to liberal snobs in London deciding singing Rule, Britannia! or Land Of Hope and Glory makes us backward racists who tacitly approve of slavery”. Which is not true.

He also claims the Beeb “virtually ignored” the story, which is another pack of lies. On he drones, projecting “The BBC no longer reports the real news of the UK, it tries to shape it” [no citation, and none will be forthcoming, because he’s just doling about abuse. And more lies]. Desperate Dan characterises the BBC as “the Guardian-reading, quinoa- munching vegans of London’s Islington”. It’s just sneering abuse. And it’s not funny.

Because his previous Sun column - to which he links in his latest one - went way beyond the pale, not that the creep will face any sanction for it. Here’s what he claimed: "Rule, Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory are under threat of being dropped altogether from the Last Nights of the Proms”. Note incorrect punctuation of Rule, Britannia!

But do go on. “According to the Sunday Times, this is because a 35-year-old Dane called Dalia Stasevska, backed by some BBC executives, wants to decolonise the event in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement by reducing ‘patriotic elements’”. Ah yes, the old “someone else already quoted it so it’s not my fault, honestly” ploy.

Dalia Stasevska - a talented musician

The Murdoch Sunday Times certainly did not couch whatever they said in the terms Wootton uses. What Dan also doesn’t tell his readers is that his intemperate rabble-rousing has has unpleasant consequences for Ms Stasevska, as the Standard has told.

BBC Proms conductor Dalia Stasevska has spoken out about the controversy surrounding the performance of traditional anthems during the ‘iconic’ Last Night. Ms Stasevska said she was ‘honoured to be part’ of this year's event, but added she had been the subject of a ‘good deal of inaccurate speculation’ over its format”.

They aren’t “anthems”, though - leave that level of ignorance to Darren Grimes. Do go on. “On Thursday, the Finnish musician said she had ‘played no role in deciding the traditional elements of the programme’, but ‘false speculation’ had sparked threats towards her and her family”. Her statement goes on to detail her role in the concert.

In recent days there has been a good deal of inaccurate speculation about my role in determining the format of this year’s Last Night Of The Proms. This false speculation has led to abuse and threats towards me and my family which is why I am speaking out.For the record I have played no role in deciding the traditional elements of the programme, I recognise these are an important part of the event”. Dan Wootton. Lying again.

Wootton should apologise. But shits like him aren’t big enough. No change there, then.

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dushka said...

I thought it was because there will not be an audience to sing along with the orchestra in traditional style.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

There are, to my mind, any number of good reasons to kill off James Thomson's words for Arne's tune.

First, it was straightforward image-burnishing for the Prince of Wales (Friedrich Ludwig of Brunswick-Lüneburg) who had a 'difficult' relationship with his dad, King Georg. Thomson was a thrusting go-getter, anxious to build a reputation as a good Brit rather than a minority Scot.

Second, the anthem was calculated to build on Admiral Vernon's capture of Porto Bello (about the only bit of 'The War of Jenkins' Ear' I remember). Apart from giving the damned Dagoes a bashing, the popularity of Vernon's exploit was good news to the planters of the American colonies, now able to import slaves without Spanish interference or middlemen, and therefore many good British readers and merchants.

Third, I don't see why twenty-first century Brits should be boosted by blatant imperialist twaddle:
To thee belongs the rural reign;
Thy cities shall with commerce shine:
All thine shall be the subject main,
And every shore it circles thine.

Good grief! Any moment now the Gammons will recover the fourth verse of the National Anthem:
Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
May by thy mighty aid
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush,
And like a torrent rush
Rebellious Scots to crush!
God save the King!

Fourth, when Thomson was selling his conceit of never, never, shall be slaves, by the law of 1606, tightened further in 1661, miners and salters, coal-heavers and bargemen (women included) in Scotland were in life-long servitude to the coal-owners, their children obliged to follow along the same trade. From 1672 the coal-owners entitled to conscript 'vagabonds and beggars' and anyone in the Houses of Correction.

Martin Read said...

When asked on Channel 4, Sir Simon Rattle said that he'd been uncomfortable with the 'rousing' jingoism (my words) of 'Last Night,' since the Falklands conflict.

There are Brits (myself amongst them) who now find that they cannot stomach the increasingly desperate shouty 'Land of Hope...' It's almost as if some are attempting to shout above the critics. With every new 'self important celebrity ' joining the pseudo- outrage, the words seem to fall ever further below the line of inclusive decency!

Anonymous said...

Britain 2020: Here's a super-talented young musician from Finland who is honoured to conduct our most famous yearly orchestral concert... I know, let's spew out hatred towards her because the Tory press have ordered us to be angry for absolutely no reason.

Fucking idiots who have ironically proved that we don't live in a land of hope - or glory.

Anonymous said...

Didn't one of the alleged 90% that the cunt Wooten refers to urinate by the memorial honouring a police officer killed in the line of duty? Good to know how far their 'patriotism' extends.

Anonymous said...

"Fucking idiots who have ironically proved that we don't live in a land of hope - or glory."

Pity those migrants, they are going to be very disappointed.

motuproprio said...

Land of sleaze and Tory

Anonymous said...

Robbie Gibb; Andrew Marr; Laura Kuenssberg; Andrew Neil; Nick Robinson; James Landale; Tim Davie. Worth defending an institution which puts these cunts in positions of authority?

Jonathan said...

This poor woman who has made it as a conductor from her home country of Finland, so what do Wooton and the RW trolls do, to welcome her to London?

Make threats to her and her family over bloody music she has NO control over.

What a great look, these Gammon really are embarrassing this country.

Jonathan said...

I do hope Wooton has insurance or Uncle Rupert is indemnifying the potential damages and costs from the Depp libel case.

The Toffee (597) said...

"They aren’t “anthems”, though"

According to the manifestly unfunny and untalented baddiel, at least one of them is.

Oh, and dan wootton's a cunt. Wish this judge'd hurry up and find the gobshite has libelled Johnny Depp andhe's taken to the effing cleaners'

grim northerner said...

One caller on nick ferrari's phone-in show said, 'what's wrong with jingoism?'

Anonymous said...

Surely Wootton bats for the other side so cannot be a cunt

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with "jingoism", very popular North of the border, or is it only English patriotism that grinds your gears?

" Land of hope and glory, mother of the free
How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet "

What IS wrong with that?

grim northerner said...

I suggest you look up the meaning of 'jingoism'.

Anonymous said...

Suspicious of Dan’s claims in today’s Mail that he has an inside source at the BBC telling him that “old white men” are no longer welcome - thus helpfully generating column inches and revenue while stirring up casual racism - I typed “Dan Wootton liar” into google and ended up here.

My fear is that self serving pundits like Dan will only be satisfied when a disturbed right wing bloke switches off GB News and goes on a shooting spree taking out three “woke liberals” and a ‘’left of centre, LBGTQ anti-British” Labrador in his local park with a shotgun.

The comments under Dan’s Mail articles are premoderated so I am unable to challenge him there - the anti-woke snowflakes do love their safe spaces.

Unknown said...

I typed in “Dan Wootton Prize Cunt” and found all this!