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Sunday 2 August 2020

Claire Fox - The Opposition Builds

The decision by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to ennoble former Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox is rapidly developing into one of those campaigns destined to develop not necessarily to his advantage. Some ungrateful subjects of the Crown have raised objections to her, shall we say, significant previous.
Claire Fox
Memorial to the Warrington bombing

This has involved support for IRA bombings, not wanting to see child porn banned, genocide denial, and total lack of ability to make any useful contribution to the legislature that does not involve the shameless promotion of Herself Personally Now.
Colin Parry OBE made the obvious point. “We all do and say things when young that we later regret. [Claire Fox] never apologised for defending the IRA bombing of Warrington which took the life of my son Tim and Johnathan Ball. Now she is offered a Peerage. This offends me and many others deeply”. And he is not alone in being deeply offended.
Her hypocrisy was highlighted: “She was vehemently AGAINST the HoL, but will now be happy to be called Baroness and get paid a daily rate from them”. John Rogan noted that it wasn’t just about the Warrington bombing. “[Claire Fox] and the RCP defended the right of the IRA to bomb the Tory Party conference in 1984. Now the same Tory Party has made her a peer”. John O’Farrell added “Claire Fox was always an attention-seeking phoney … her ‘Institute of Ideas’ was just something she made up to draw attention to herself”.
When Jake Pugh, one of her former fellow Brexit Party MEPs, called the gong “an accolade to her modesty, open mindedness and resolute protection of free speech … It’s how you bring people together. AKA leadership”, Dan Dawson fired back “Hear hear! Anyone who denies Bosnian genocide, defends nonces, argues child porn shouldn't be removed from the internet and is an apologist for the IRA should definitely be rewarded with a peerage for their modesty and open mindedness”. And there was more.
Then came the Labour comparisons. “Remember all the outrage from the tabloids over Diane Abbott’s connection with IRA in her youth. Where is that rage now with child porn apologist Claire Fox being made a lawmaker … Let's imagine the Sunday Paper front pages today if Corbyn had won power and given her a peerage”. And yet more.
Wondering what the Sunday paper front pages would be today if Claire Fox, IRA apologist and child porn defender had been sent to the House of Lords by a Labour government … Presumably the people who voted against Corbyn for being 'an IRA stooge' are pleased Claire Fox has been given in a seat in the House of Lords”. Oliver Brett summed it up.
[Claire Fox] Defended Gary Glitter's right to look at child porn… Is an IRA apologist … Suggested the Bosnian genocide was faked … Rejects multiculturalism … Just been made a peer by our Prime Minister”. James O’Brien added “An IRA apologist with a history of defending men who download images of child sex abuse is being sent to the House of Lords by a Tory PM. All while supposedly supporting the abolition of the House of Lords. Tell me again how 'cancel culture' has attacked your freedom of speech”.

Claire Fox’s elevation to the Lords is not going well. The situation is unlikely to improve.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bojo, the country hasn’t just gone down the shitter, but now we’ll and truly beyond the u-bend. All I can say is that a country gets the leaders it deserves!

AndyC said...

Cummings is clearly behind this atrocious act.

Anonymous said...

@AndyC: Agreed. All part of the Cummkngs plan to further delegitimise institutions such as the HOL - bad as it is. No conspiracy theory from me. I know full well what the little c***t is up to (as does anyone paying the slightest attention).

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Norman Tebbitt thinks about sharing a “workplace” with an IRA supporter

Anonymous said...

One is tempted to say they deserve each other