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Friday 7 August 2020

Polecat Motor Could Shop Him

While alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his pals would rather we look somewhere else - anywhere else - the focus has once again alighted on his chief polecat Dominic Cummings. Dom was accused some time ago of making not just one lockdown-busting trip to Durham, but two. His fan club in the right-leading media were rather too quick to pour cold water on the idea and rubbish witnesses.
This time, it is not just Downing Street that is facing the flak, but the Durham cops who supposedly investigated reports of a second Flight Of The Polecat, but then gave him a clean bill of health. As the Guardian has now reported, “Downing Street has been urged to provide proof that Dominic Cummings did not make a second trip to Durham during lockdown”. There are two highly displeased witnesses. And there is more.

Two of four people who claim to have seen Cummings on what would have been a second visit to the north-east of England have complained to the police watchdog, accusing the Durham force of not fully probing their claims. Cummings has consistently denied returning to Durham on 19 April, days after he came back to London from a trip that was subsequently exposed in a joint investigation by the Guardian and the Daily Mirror”.
Key witness: the Polecatmobile

Yes, once again it is those two papers that want to actually find out what Dom was up to, rather than obediently standing in line for that sought-after Downing Street briefing to splash all over their front pages. The Mirror’s Pippa Crerar - once a cheerleader for Team Bozo in her time at the Evening Standard - has claimed anexclusive” for her paper.

Dave and Clare Edwards put in an official complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct on Wednesday about Durham Police’s inquiry into their allegations … The couple claim they are '100% certain' they saw Boris Johnson’s chief aide while out walking in Houghall Woods near Durham the morning of Sunday April 19 … A third new witness also claims they saw Mr Cummings in the local beauty spot that morning, adding: ‘I would recognise him again.’” But where will the clinching evidence come from?
Peter Foster of the FT not-too-seriously mused “The witnesses remain absolutely convinced of what they saw - perhaps a trusted third party could review police evidence? A bishop? A privy councillor? A law lord? If it’s too ‘sensitive’ to share with them/the public”. But Polecat Dom doesn’t do confessions. His wheels, though, just might.
As Jon Worth has pointed out, “If Cummings were in his Land Rover Discovery Sport then the on board telematics data is on a JLR Server somewhere. That’d be the data that downs him or saves him... Mobile phone data would also help”. Durham Police only need do one thing: go and talk to the people at Jaguar Land Rover.
That would be technology defeating the Polecat twice, as Worth also noted “It would be such a fitting end if it so conspires... if the self styled genius Cummings who edited a blog post after his Durham trip and was caught by the Wayback Machine, would then be shown to be telling porkies about the 19 April trip thanks to telematics in his car”.

The only problem is that even if he is caught bang to rights lying (again), Cummings would not resign. And Bozo The Clown would not sack him. The corruption has become that bad.
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Roy said...

And if the cops go to JLR, the response should be, "Fuck off until you have a warrant"

Anonymous said...

Sadly whatever action plod were to take whether it were with land rovers or phones, do you really think this government (ha!) is prepared to let it out. Records have most probably been wiped and date mislaid even long before you got round to writing this. Sure as eggs is eggs, plod didn’t investigate because plod were told to drop it. Whose to say that with this government security services wouldn’t even be the ones erasing records. As I see it it’s as simple as this... there are four witnesses and one Cummings, in a court of law which one would a jury choose, four witnesses with no vested interest in seeing Cummings busted or a dodgy adviser desperate to cover his tracks. Evidence wise, are you also saying that there is no footage of the fella driving thru town or up and down the motorway? We live in a surveillance society. I think the question we should be asking is how accrued data is used and for whose interest?

Anonymous said...

The corruption has indeed got that bad.

It now infests public life at every level. The continued torture of Julian Assange is a classic example.

But wait!....Where to next?....This condition either takes a radical reverse or it gets WORSE - which leads in an inevitable direction. Plainly, wallowing in this stinking septic tank is not acceptable to a (self-styled) democracy.

Alas, at the present rate Britain is well on its way to becoming the Uriah Heep of Europe. A nation riddled with surly apathy toward itself but cringing servitude to Cowboy USA. The worst of all worlds, ripe for a take over by red faced Colonel Blimps straight from the Augusto Pinochet School Of Government.

This: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xGfHkdR3tXs is the likely outcome for a nation that loses its pride and human decency.

Sam said...

CCTV..everywhere. Impossible to travel to any part of the UK no matter how far or short distance.

Andy said...

There's an entire network of ANPR cameras on the motorways. So unless he deliberately took minor roads to evade them the rozzers already know if he made the second trip.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was wearing a Ronald Regan mask, I've heard he's a master of disguise

J said...

Just check his expense claims... you don't think someone like Domminic "super spreader" Cummings ever does anything without expensing it. My moneys on there being two expense mileage chit's that've been signed off by Boris for both trips.

Anonymous said...

Why would Bojo the clown sack Dim Dom? He wouldn't have anyone to wipe his arse. No one to pull up his zip after taking a leak. Put up both sides of his cot etc etc.