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Friday 28 August 2020

Harry Cole IS Terry Fuckwitt

What one would get if one crossed a human being of mean-spirited unpleasantness yet incalculable stupidity with a total lack of self-awareness and a desire for advancement unhindered by such trivialities as principles? There can be only one answer known to the press establishment of today, and that is the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, now pretending to be not only a journalist, but political editor of the Murdoch Sun.

Master Cole is so ready to prostrate himself before Victoria Newton, Rebekah Brooks and Creepy Uncle Rupe that he will take any stance, no matter how ridiculous or dishonest, in order to do the bidding of the Government in whose future they are all so fully invested. So when someone at the Home Office went OTT yesterday, there he was as backup.

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The HO had put out a video claiming that it was trying to return those Pesky Migrants™ to other countries - Spain in this instance - but that “activist lawyers” were getting in the way. This further example of veering over the fascism line was greeted by severely adverse comment by many, including Jonathan Portes from King’s Collage London.

Portes complained. The Home Office Permanent Secretary responded “I agree the phrase you quote should not have been used on an official government channel. I have made clear to the team this post should not be used again from Home Office accounts or anywhere else by civil servants”. Eventually the Tweet concerned was deleted.

But the Tories could count on Master Cole to save their blushes, as he triumphantly proclaimed “Home Office forced to abandon deportation flight to Spain today for Channel migrants after all 23 were sprung by three law firms”. Yeah, they was throwin’ ropes over the wall dahn the Scrubs, innit? Rahnd the exercise yard, yeah, we knew they was lawyers cos they was wearing their gahns an’ that. Ass right innit ‘Erree?

Portes corrected him. “Rather than following law, HO tries to rush through deportations without giving asylum seekers - who may/may not have legitimate claims - right to appeal. Gets caught. Is embarrassed. To divert, makes a video that breaks its own rules. There's your ‘exclusive’, [Harry Cole]”. And there was more.

Ross McCafferty put Cole’s role in perspective. “Home Office really stepping up attacks on the legal profession using this most useful of useful idiots … ‘Who can we give this story to? What hack would debase themselves so much?’ … 'Eh, Harry Cole?’ … ‘Bingo’”.

No doubt that, in the fullness of time, Master Cole will try and blame the Labour Party for the ineptitude of the Home Office, rather than Priti Patel, who is inexplicably claiming to be the Home Secretary. After all, he has already tried this one, telling Sun readers recentlyA LABOUR-backing law firm is blocking Channel migrants from being returned to France. Duncan Lewis Solicitors boasted that their legal threats meant 19 were removed from a Home Office charter flight on Wednesday”. Yeah, boo Labour!

As Geoff Shadbold put it, “You can take the boy out of Guido but you can't take Guido out of the boy”. Nor is there any cure for Master Cole’s unremitting stupidity.

Or, indeed, any prospect of his becoming a journalist any time soon. Sad but true.

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Anonymous said...

Decency forbids me from speculating what fills Cole's balloon cheeks.

What with him working for Murdoch 'n'all.

The hamster-faced gett.

Unknown said...

Total bellend, winding up thicko readers is the aim here, Cole is just another posh boy presenting ignorance and bigotry in a way that seems acceptable to working class morons...

Nick S said...

Political editor of The Sun? Is that like Head Nutritionist for Haribo?