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Thursday 20 August 2020

Murdoch Press Demands Dead Teachers

Time moves on: later this month, schools will reopen in England and teachers and pupils will return to the classroom. Given the propensity of younger people to spread the Coronavirus around, unions representing teachers are voicing concern over their members’ safety. For this heinous thought crime, the Murdoch mafiosi at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have ordered a suitably lame hit job.

An education non-expert airs his views

So it was that the odious flanelled fool Master Harry Cole, now pretending to be political editor of the Sun, went over the top in no style at all to tell anyone not yet asleepMilitant teachers’ union threatens to close schools if local coronavirus cases hit 50 in 100,000”. Wanting people to be safe at work is now Militant, whatever that means.

We can be reasonably sure that Master Cole would have more than a little difficulty defining the term, but he has his orders. Do go on. “The Education Solidarity Network, a left-wing faction in the National Education Union, will hold street protests on Friday across Britain with a list of safety demands such as free PPE and weekly Covid tests for teachers. And it announced tonight it wants to be able to close classrooms if local infection rates hit its chosen level”. How DARE teachers get tested for Covid-19!

The effrontery of these people! What next, free healthcare? There’s more. “More moderate bosses of the biggest teachers unions distanced themselves from the ESN’s cut-off figure … Conservative Party co-chairman Amanda Milling hit out: ‘This hard-left action takes a wrecking ball to our children’s futures’”. Will she be in the classroom? No, thought not.

It did not take long for reality to dawn, and for feedback to show that Master Cole’s latest attempt at real journalism was developing not necessarily to his advantage, with Martin O’Lowery responding “Apparently, wanting to protect the health of teachers and pupils is ‘militant’”. David Head helpfully added “Translation: ‘militant’ = concerned”.

The Tweeter known as Jim Cognito observed “Everyone’s a ‘militant’ if you’re right wing”. Paul Trow concluded “The S*n costs less than a cup of coffee. Don't forget to buy that coffee”. Meanwhile, John Turnbull had a question. “No doubt this article was written in a bustling and busy office... or are ‘militant’ journalists working from home?

I’m sure Master Cole will be more than happy to answer that one, or maybe not. And Mike Brook had seen enough. “Militant, you mean teachers who would prefer not to die serving this corrupt Government’s agenda. Teachers who would rather not see the kids they teach fall ill or become vectors for illness or death in their families. That kind of militant”.

Even worse for the Sun’s propagandist was a comment from Jeremy Vine, who read Gavin “stupid boy” Williamson’s second priority for education - “to make sure that schools reopen in a way that is safe for your children” - and mused “I’m starting to get a little concerned about the second priority”. Is Jeremy Vine also militant? Questions, questions.

Harry Cole is still not a credible journalist. And the propaganda ain’t making it.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, remember the start of the pandemic when many thought the Tories would stop being scumbags for a while and the NHS was now effectively bulletproof?

Six months later and they're hating on nurses unions, teaching unions, trying to wreck the NHS and hiring incompetent PPE grads to senior public health positions while using the media to pretend that kids are perfectly safe from the Rona and anyone who says otherwise is a Communist or something (Note to Journos - if cats, dogs and mink can get sick from Covid there's a good chance your kid can, too).

Not forgetting all those 'get back to work plebs, Rishi please stop their furlough money' articles the Tory press are puking out every day.

Honestly, time for anyone attacked by these shit-tier Haw Haws to stop buying their rags and follow the Paul Trow advice. Too much coffee can make you shaky, but at least it doesn't destroy your brain like Murdoch and his ilk.