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Saturday 22 August 2020

Dan Wootton's Meghan Obsession

The Murdoch mafiosi does not take kindly to anyone, especially in the USA, who does not pay fealty to Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, and certainly not this close to the 2020 Presidential Election. So when Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, spoke at a bipartisan event urging more women to register to vote, the Sun was there to pass adverse comment.

MEGHAN Markle has called on women to vote in this year’s US election with the rallying cry: ‘We all know what's at stake’ … The Duchess of Sussex, who has criticised Donald Trump in the past, joined a panel of celebrity speakers for a talk from Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote group”. Not respecting Trump, and there are black people involved!

There was more. “Outspoken Meghan first hit out at Trump in 2016, calling him ‘divisive’ and ‘misogynistic’”. She missed “racist”, “narcissist”, “congenital liar”, “sex pest”, and “terminally inept”. But do go on. “In her talk yesterday she blasted attempts at ‘voter suppression’ - something that Trump has recently been accused of”. And rightly so.

Donald, where's yer hairspray?

It was all too much for the Sun’s singularly unsavoury “executive editor” Dan Wootton, who lost his shit in no style at all at news of the Duchess’ appearance. “Extraordinary! Meghan now actively campaigning against Donald Trump. Completely inappropriate and a massive diplomatic embarrassment for the Queen and British Royal Family, whose entire success and longevity is based on staying out of party politics”. And to that I call bullshit.

The many occasions when our supposedly symbolic monarchy became involved in politics are well-documented, and well known. The Queen, perhaps unwittingly, was prevailed upon by Harold Macmillan to send for Alec Douglas Home rather than Rab Butler, when Mac stepped down as PM in 1963. She was also prevailed upon by Young Dave to make a rather pointed intervention in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

Her father had to occasionally intervene to restrain Winston Churchill during the second World War. And as James O’Brien pointed out, the Duke of Windsor - still a member of the Royal Family after his abdication - went with Wallis Simpson to meet Adolf Hitler. Wootton’s own paper claimed - most likely falsely, mind - that the Queen had backed Brexit. It was well-known that she harboured a dislike of Margaret Thatcher.

All this is before those letters that Prince Charles has been known to send to ministers in more than one Government in order to make his views known. Also, Megs and Hal are no longer working royals, as the Tweeter known as @snigskitchen reminded Wootton: “Dan, do keep up. Harry and Meghan gave up their royal status. They are now private individuals. Private individuals can say what they like about politics”.

To which Stephen Kinsella added “Oh, well spotted. She is definitely dead to all of us from now on isn’t she? We all love Donald here in the UK. Your newspaper used to be known for spotting the trends and getting ahead of them. You didn’t get the memo did you?” Wootton’s obsession is a campaign destined to develop not necessarily to his advantage.

In other news, keep buying those cups of coffee - and don’t buy the Sun.

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Jonathan said...

Hope Dan has got insurance just in case Johnny Depp is successful in suing him and his newspaper.

Interestingly, Depp's lawyers cleverly named Wooton on the legal suit filed in court.

In the event of Depp winning, Wooton is on the hook for at least 50% of costs and damages. No doubt old Uncle Rupe is underwriting those costs for Wooton as in the previous legal cases against Rebekah Brooks & Andy Coulson.

Anonymous said...

At least the President has hair to spray, whilst others are using Pledge on their cranium!

Sam said...

Is this perchance the same Sun that claimed The Queen was a Brexiteer?
Whatever one thinks of Meghan she is American, her son Archie is half-American and her entire family apart from Harry are Yanks so she has skin in the game.
You forgot the apoplectic Piers who wants the Sussex's formally exiled and seems to have confused Meghan's support for Biden with the Windsor's dalliances with Hitler.

Anonymous said...


You're lying again. Trump said in 2018 "Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks. I work hard at it. It doesn’t look bad."


Anonymous said...

Wooton is diametrically opposed to the truth.

Like all Murdoch far right racist tory employees.