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Friday 14 August 2020

Bozo Boosts Border Breakaway

Of all the actions which have fuelled the independence movement in Scotland, an intransigent, overbearing and patronising Westminster Government must rank near the top of the list. Along with the constant right-wing media refrain that without England pumping money into their economy, those Scots would by now be jolly well broke.

So it might be thought that politicians wanting to preserve the Union which has endured for over 300 years would steer clear of that sort of thing. But that thought would have been misplaced in the case of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his cabinet of nodding dogs, who have decided on a campaign to ram the Union Flag down the throats of those ungrateful provincials north of the border.

This less than wonderful news was trumpeted by out-of-touch pundit Christopher “No” Hope of the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, telling “Boris Johnson to stamp major Scottish projects funded by UK Government with Union flag … The union flag will replace the European Union symbol, which has been used to denote when a bridge or road has been directly funded by Brussels from next year, when Britain has finally left the rules and regulations of the EU”. And who is behind this silliness?

The plan has been signed off by the new Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, Scottish secretary Alister Jack and Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove. Mr Ross [said] that Tories north of the border needed to be ‘unashamed of our investment in Scotland’”. And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, this is a false equivalence.

The EU flag symbolises a club of nations working together by respect and consent. The Union Flag, on the other hand, all too easily comes over as a stamp of imposition - of what London has decreed. And Two, the very nature of the decision to stamp the Union Flag on future projects in Scotland merely reinforces the impression of imposition, being taken without reference to the devolved Government at Holyrood.

When Douglas Ross asserts “If they could have an EU flag on it, why not have the United Kingdom flag on it to show that here is an example of our two governments in Scotland, working together” he misses the key point that this all-important symbolism has been decided upon by the two Governments not working together at all.

Just how spiffing an idea this is can be seen by The National’s headline “Boris Johnson to plaster Union flag across UK-funded schemes in Scotland” and their article concluding with this reminder: “The news comes as yet another poll showed majority support for Scottish independence. YouGov put backing for self-determination on 53% after two Panelbase surveys put the figure at 54%. Some 57% of Scots also plan to vote SNP at next year’s Scottish Parliament election”. Which would give the SNP a majority at Holyrood.

Ms Sturgeon cheers on another Bozo own goal

Bozo The Clown has already alienated many in Northern Ireland’s Unionist community, and effectively made it a semi-detached part of the UK. Now he’s putting a few more points on the support for Scottish independence. Worse, clueless pundits like Hope are cheering him on, oblivious to political reality outside the Westminster bubble.

Nicola Sturgeon will be wielding her clicky pen with renewed confidence this morning.

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Land of Hopeless Tories said...

Freshly ladled from the Westminster pUKe bucket.

Anonymous said...

At this rate flag waving gammonitis won't get traction outside the M25 ghetto, let alone among flag-waving nationalist Celts.

Nothing good ever comes out of nationalism of any variant.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

A lesson from history and our sister island (author: Raymond Calvert)

In a mean abode on the Shankill Road
Lived a man named William Bloat;
And he had a wife, the bane of his life,
Who always got his goat.
And one day at dawn, with her nightdress on
He slit her bloody throat

Now, he was glad he had done what he had
As she lay there stiff and still;
'Til suddenly awe of the angry law
Filled his soul with an awful chill.
And to finish the fun so well begun
He decided himself to kill.

Then he took the sheet from his wife's cold feet
And he twisted it into a rope.
And he hanged himself from the pantry shelf —
'Twas an easy end, let's hope.
With his dying breath, he facing death,
He solemnly cursed the Pope.

But the strangest turn of the whole concern
Is only just beginning.
He went to hell, but his wife got well,
And she's still alive and sinning.
For the razor blade was British-made
But the rope was Belfast linen.

Arnold said...

The Mail is now trying to blame Sturgeon for Bozo's incompetence with the evidence-free claim
Nicola Sturgeon causes holiday chaos for thousands by DEMANDING France is put on quarantine list by 4am tomorrow rather than Sunday - sparking race to get home to UK... amid fears GREECE will be next.
Sources claim the Scottish government insisted that the quarantine deadline be brought forward to Saturday morning after UK ministers mooted 4am on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Scotland is broke, time we stopped fixing it.

Anonymous said...

England is broke, time Scotland left it.