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Thursday 27 August 2020

This Bloke Came Up To David Baddiel

Onward, forever onward rumbles the row over Last Night of the Proms, with opportunist and ignorant pundits laying into the BBC relentlessly for the heinous crime of sponsoring the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts since 1927 and therefore saving those concerts, bringing classical music to the masses at affordable prices, for future generations to enjoy.

David Baddiel

Those kicking the BBC have, to no surprise at all, included Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his pals, not least mercenary hack Isabel Oakeshott. Both of these less than totally august individuals could be seen in a video where Nige tells his followers “Stick two fingers up to the BBC and sing Rule, Britannia!

Farage misses the point: restrictions on live performance as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic mean very little singing can be allowed. This is also to do with the safety of the performers, which the BBC clearly cares about, even if Farage does not. Meanwhile, Adam Kay was unimpressed with the Farage rendition. “For someone who apparently loves the song so much, it's weird that Nige doesn't know the words. Will be slaves, not shall”.

Then David Baddiel had a full and frank Derek and Clive moment. “There might be some who feel a little sad about Rule, Britannia!, seeing it, now divorced of triumphalist origins, only as a Proms tradition. Watching this however makes it clear how it’s still basically a Cunts Anthem”. Not Tony Newley, then? This set off a tsunami of righteousness.

Like Terry Manners patronisingly blustering “What a disgusting man you are Mr Baddiel, dumping on war veterans and people you couldn't hold a candle to. You are free not to sing our patriotic songs but do not abuse those who do, some of whom fought and died to bring you the freedom of speech you now use so abusively”. Nigel Farage and those on the stage with him fought and died, did they? Don’t be such an anally retentive clown.

One Tweeter went straight for the anti-Semitic trope: “I've never understood why people who despise a country so vigorously and passionately would actively choose to live there. Especially people with a choice and adequate finances to move pretty much wherever they wished”. Another went totally wrong: “Took these pics of Dame Vera Lynn's funeral, just how F*cking angry am I at [Baddiel] at this moment”. What’s the relevance of Vera Lynn?

Over at Murdoch property TalkRADIO, dribbling bigot Mike Graham claimed the BBC were likening their detractors to Nazis before blubbering “I don't know what's wrong with David Baddiel, who seems to think [singing Land of Hope and Glory] makes everybody a bunch of... I can't say the word, but he might want to look in the mirror”. Wrong tune. Next.

After one observer noted “Funny how so many people who disagree with him think it's relevant to bring up him being Jewish”, Omid Djalili attempted a little levity. “One way round this is replace slaves line with “Britains will never never never live in caves”. Cave dwellings lack light, have poor ventilation and are often associated with poverty, mental illness and an upcoming no deal Brexit. Would update the song perfectly”.

Baddiel himself was left to muse “I note there's been some controversy about this tweet, with the usual to-ing and fro-ing of bad faith arguments. But really, the gentlemen in this particular video could be singing Three Lions and I'd think much the same thing”. Preceded with “Hello”. I mean, “Hello” - that was the worst thing.

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Arnold said...

Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
"Britons never will be slaves."

Slave owners yes. Slaves no.

The nations, not so blest as thee,
Must, in their turns, to tyrants fall;

Um. Britons were the tyrants.

Unknown said...

"I think people should sing Land of Hope and Glory as much as they want. As the country disintegrates, it's only going to get funnier." That was Frankie Boyle hitting it on the head as usual.

The Toffee (597) said...

baddiel - is to frank skinner (And rob newman) what andrew ridgely was to george michael.

About as amusing as an unflushed toilet, and not quite as pretty. IDGAF whether he's a jew or not, calling rule britannia a 'cunt's anthem' makes HIM the cunt, nobody else. If he's getting flak for it, he brought it on himself.

Odious, boring cunt that he is.

The Classy Wonderer said...

I love to goad the Gammon king
About an Elgar track
And when I goad, the Twittering
Becomes a heap of cack

Jonathan said...

Now does Nige know the words to the German National Anthem, having its claimed by The Skwawkbox that he has or has tried to apply for a German Passport!

Here's a handy link for Nige..

Anonymous said...


I hesitate to cavil at your fine analysis but I think you'll find that Baddiel is the Sir Desmond Swayne of 'comedy'.



Anonymous said...

Obviously you did not notice where the apostrophe was, and who it was directed at.
And talking of Farage, he dies each time he opens his mouth and puts his Jack boot in.

Anonymous said...

Things the patriots in the media and parliament don't give a shit about:
1. 40+ thousand dead of Coronavirus & numerous government screw-ups related to that.
2. Fucking over enormous numbers of hard-working teenagers with their qualification catastrophe.
3. Actual working trade - we'll just wing that Brexit, hey.
4. Homeless people - See story about Dorset wanting to fine them.
5. Poverty in general - massively increasing now, but oh well.
6. The strange connections between our politicians and shady Russian types, and the fact that an ex-KGB oligarch can happily buy up British newspapers.
7. That much of the media and UK politics are dictated by an Australian ghoul who has also managed to cause more shit in the USA than the aforementioned KGB did in the 1945-91 timespan.
8. The rise of strange right-wing thug groups funded ("Our Football lads will protect the statues!") by God knows who and a similar rise in such groups all across Europe and the US.
9. The fact that the media and social media systems are riddled with fascist propaganda and making it so that British people (and elsewhere) now fucking hate each other for no reason.
10. That climate change is going to eff up much of the planet and ruin economies for the next few, well, centuries.

Things the patriots in the media do care enough to stress about:

1. Land of Hope and Glory.
2. Attractive black women married to former Royals who speak about, well, anything. Down with this sort of thing!
3. House prices.

James said...

Anonymous at 18.29 pretty much summed up the situation and as other have pointed out Baddiel is no angel.

This is a guy who in the 1990s at the height of the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation with its subsequent issues to do with institutional racism in Met made the decision to blackface on mainstream television in order to pick on a BAME footballer... now Mr Baddiel likes to get on about holocaust denial - a despicable antisemitism form- whilst at the same time encouraging conspiracy theories about Jeremy Corbyn on social media concentrating on his pronunciation of Jewish surname in order to suggest that Corbyn is anti-Semite because gets the surnames wrong!

Baddiel is a unpleasant, virtue signalling celebrity cum antisemitism guru.

The thing about guru-ism?

It is dangerous, puts people at risk and is usually practiced who do not have any idea of what they are on about and do not take any responsibility when their actions harm others.