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Saturday 14 December 2019

Turning Point UK - Who’s Paying?

Dark money, infiltration, propagandising to the point of brainwashing, smearing anyone and everyone on the left, all are tools of the alt-Right - especially the Dark Money part. Thus the understandable concern when a well-resourced group springs up, spews out alt-Right propaganda, and then refuses to say who pays for it all. Which brings us to the increasingly shrill and worrying world of Turning Point UK.
TPUK will be familiar to Zelo Street readers as the group whose launch was marred by a hideous gaffe from Stateside pundit Candace Owens, including the assertion “if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine”. Nuremberg Laws? Nah, no big deal. The group has attracted ridicule more recently by featuring videos from the achingly posh Grant sisters, where they appear to be reading off cue cards.
But it is the General Election campaign where TPUK has begun to turn seriously nasty, as witness “Ex-Corbyn activist reveals for the first time the depravity of the modern Labour Party”. Single source. Nudge. Wink. Smear. Close behind came the totally false claim that Labour’s was “a manifesto without numbers”. Facts? Pah! And there was more.
On to smearing the Labour leadership. “The press is negative about [Jeremy Corbyn] because he is a: anti-Semitic [no citation], terrorist sympathising [no citation], national security risk [three in a row]”. They prefer real racist and national security risk Bozo The Clown. And, oh look, there’s a not at all racist totally made up Diane Abbott smear!
What did TPUK think the election was about? “You've a choice in this election between a bit of political incorrectness or Venezuela. Read our take on it here”. No thanks, I have to watch some paint dry. And don’t forget, anyone disagreeing with them is S-T-U-P-I-D: “(For the slow witted socialists : this is satire)”. They must be really, really clever. Perhaps.
But not clever enough to speak correct English: “To those who say, ‘Labour was acceptable under Ed Miliband’. Look at this. Miliband is fully behind Marxist [smear one], Jew-hating [smear two] Jeremy. It's not just Corbyn that's the problem anymore. It's the all of the Left. Britain - wake up!” “The all of the left”? Then it gets really nasty. “Look what a friend sent us!  Seems like there's a lot of others that think the way I do ... can't trust him with our kids, our future or our countries future!” Guess what comes next.
You got it. “Stop what you are doing and watch this. Does Corbyn support paedophiles?” QTWTAIN. This vicious and defamatory smear was also attempted by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog. It’s baseless.
And finally, after pausing for a puerile sneer at Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey (full disclosure: I’ve door-knocked alongside Becky, and she’s sound), comes the tipping point: “Antifa are currently rioting in London. As an organisation that doesn’t respect democracy and resorts to violence, surely Antifa should be classed as a terrorist group?
There was a protest in Whitehall yesterday evening. The TPUK Tweet is straight far-right propaganda - the pretence that Antifa is a terrorist group, which it is not. It’s time we asked where this group is going, and who is pumping in the millions to pay for it all.

So who’s behind this seriously nasty brainwashing campaign? Don’t all shout at once.
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Anonymous said...

"Britain - wake up!"?

Now where have I heard something like that before?

Oh yes...Here it is: "Deutschland erwacht!"

By the Nazis.

Up next on the BBC a remake of Triumph des Willens, this one directed by a combination of Tony Hall and David Irving, voices over by Kuenssberg, Neil, Robinson, Pienaar, Smith, Wark, Maitlis and Barnett.

The lunatics have finally taken over the asylum. For the inevitable result, see Germany circa 1945. All self-inflicted. All avoidable. All foretold by George Orwell.

Unknown said...

I'm waiting for Boris to slip and add "one people, one leader" to his stupid bloody one nation speech that he's been giving everywhere.

asquith said...

Those posters appeared in Stoke-on-Trent city centre. At the bottom was an address in London, headquarters of this astroturf organisation.


David said...

"Oh yes...Here it is: "Deutschland erwacht!"

By the Nazis."

The Swedish equivalent is vaken, as in Operation Vaken, used by May's Home Office for the Go Home Vans.

Often used by neo-Nazis when they're reeling all Aryan and Viking like.

grim northerner said...

are dame Margaret hodge and Edwina curry the same person? They're indistinguishable from each other, boiling anger and sun bed leathery skin. Is someone putting mild hallucinogens in our water supply, or is the matrix being recalibrated, I just can't tell anymore!

grim northerner said...

Love your work Tim, it's an oasis of sanity in these darkening times. I am hoping that you look into 'parents against grooming ' who are based in Rochdale. I suspect they may be part of this astroturfing outfit.

The Toffee (597) said...

Does Corbyn support paedophiles?

Well one thing's certain. He doesn't 'lose' ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN files relating to Westminster paedophiles.

Or label monies spent on child sexual abuse as being: 'spaffed up the wall' (relating to a paedophilic sexual practice carried out at Eton, I'm led to believe).

So my guess is no, he doesn't.

Unknown said...

Saj said "welcome to the people's government" outside downing Street this morning...