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Friday 27 December 2019

Bozo v Jezza - Spot The Xmas Difference

Now that the dust has settled on the General Election, the electorate has a chance to see just what it voted for. Who was the better choice as Prime Minister, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, or Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson? Whose policies were more appropriate for the state in which the UK now finds itself? Which of those two would command respect on the international stage, and gravitas in future trade negotiations?
Well, the electorate looked at all of that, and many of them decided that Bozo The Clown, despite being a congenital liar who had betrayed more or less anyone and everyone who had ever put their trust in him, whose party failed once again to put a properly costed manifesto before the public, and whose policy positions risked breaking up the Union, was the choice for them. They trusted him. And he has taken them all for mugs.
Jeremy Corbyn devoted much of his Christmas break to helping those in need. So, as he has done previously, he helped out at his local homeless shelter, and also helped in distributing presents to children who otherwise may have had to go without. He did not make a fuss about his charitable activities; he just went ahead and did them. So our free and fearless press managed, entirely by coincidence you understand, to miss them.
Those same press outlets might have wanted not to report on the post-Yuletide activities of Bozo The Clown, but here a problem entered. As free sheet Metro has reported, “Boris Johnson is whisking girlfriend Carrie Symonds to the Caribbean to see in the New Year in the sunshine. The prime minister and Ms Symonds will stay on the private island of Mustique for a few days after the Christmas break. According to The Times, the couple will be staying with the Von Bismark family - who are descended from the first German chancellor Otto Von Bismark - in the new year”. Bit obvious, even for Bozo.
How about rubbing it in a little more? “Known for its white-sand beaches, the exclusive island in the archipelago nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines is a favourite of the rich and famous with … Mick Jagger owning property on the island. It is also a favourite of the Royal Family, with the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall having holidayed there as well as Princess Margaret who was gifted land on the island as a wedding present”.
The feedback from those discovering this latest Bozo bash was as might be expected. “'People's Parliament' my a*se! Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds to jet to the private Caribbean island of Mustique after Tories slam ‘elites' … It’s illegal to be gay in Mustique, so he'll have plenty of bigots to chat to” was one. “What a damp squib the mayor of London is. He's decided to spend Christmas with the homeless at city hall. He could have gone to the island of Mustique like our much loved PM  and frolicked around with a pretty girl 17 years junior to him. Merry Christmas everyone!” was another. There was more.
Jeremy Corbyn spent Christmas helping the homeless and giving presents to children. Boris Johnson is flying off to the luxury Caribbean island of Mustique at the hospitality of the Von Bismarck family. Boris is working every day, you see, very hard to get Brexit done … Nothing says ‘man of the people’ quite like Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds' £20,000-a-week Caribbean holiday villa … Nothing sticks it to those ‘elites’ like holidaying on a private Caribbean  island after putting a couple of cronies in the House of Lords”.

You voted Bozo to “Get it done”? It was you getting done. And now you all know it.
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Anonymous said...

And for every comment pointing out the hypocrisy of Johnson, there'll be ten to defend him.

How depressing.

Anonymous said...

As he gets off, Bozo won't even send a Thank You card to the new tories at Blyth and Sedgefield. Who deserve the political kicking they'll get over the next five years. The suckers.

iMatt said...

Visited a cousin on Christmas Day. The son of his partner came round and spouted some real rubbish about Johnson such as "he is the right PM for today" and "he'll make Britain great again". A pity I did not have the chance to remind him that Johnson and the Tories have only had just shy of a decade in power screwing Britain up in the first place.

Johnson plays the perennial joker. He is a joke in every position he gets elected to. Why people think he'll continue in a different vein and stop treating those who foolishly trust him enough to vote for him is truly amazing.