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Monday 2 December 2019

Tory Cheerleader Smears Crewe Labour

As can be seen from the litany of Tory dirty tricks already deployed during the General Election campaign, from fake fact-checkers through fake adverts to fake claims on any number of broadcast shows, the intricacy of intellectual heft deployed in their creation and dissemination need not be so great, or indeed, need not exist at all.
Cooeee Tom! Plug yer brain in, eh?

This has been demonstrated in no style at all by Tom Harwood, the routinely dishonest replacement teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, who has today decided that Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party needs to be routinely smeared. His problem is that the vehicle used for smearing it has no connection to Labour.
Ewa Jasiewicz was campaigning in the area as part of the School Cuts campaign, telling her followers “Went leafleting in Crewe and Nantwich 2day about [School Cuts]. Every single school there will be cut and the avg. cut per pupil is £300. Met a father of 2 who is buying pencils for his kids' school The [Teaching Assistant] I was leafleting with has no more A4 paper at hers”. She also used the hashtag #GTTO.
This may have been what caused Harwood to deduce that Labour must be behind the School Cuts campaign. But it is not. Nonetheless, off he went. “The woman who vandalised the Warsaw Ghetto is leafleting for Labour. Because of course she is”. He also Tweeted, but later deleted, the claim “Reminder that Ewa spray-painted the wall of the memorialised Nazi Ghetto with anti-Israel messages. Now she’s grinning alongside [Crewe Labour] activists”. Except she wasn’t. And Ms Jasiewicz was not happy.
Delete your libelous tweet - it wasn't a memorial it was an artists wall regularly used by artists … I also took responsibility and publicly apologised … Facts don't seem to matter to you Tom?” Then came the blowback from real Crewe Labour activists.
Vicky Taylor tried to put the teaboy straight. “School cuts is an independent campaign, Also no activists from [Crewe Labour] in the photo. Trust a Tory to smear and lie”. More ominously for the Fawkes rabble was an intervention from Connor Naismith. “Hi Tom, I'm the Chair of Crewe & Nantwich CLP. There are no [Crewe Labour] activists in this photo. Please retract this false statement about our local Labour party. The message about school cuts is an important one”. Harwood got it wrong. Now he knows it.
He should seriously consider withdrawing the Tweet concerned; that he has already deleted another suggests he knows he’s fouled up. The clue that the School Cuts campaign is not Labour is in the absence of any Labour Party identification. Any real Labour campaign photos will have people brandishing “Vote Labour’ posters and boards.
Another local activist simply concluded “Well there's literally no Crewe Labour activists in the pic he posted so it doesn't surprise that the rest of his post is nonsense. Desperate stuff”. The Fawkes mob is desperate all right. Now all of Crewe knows it.

Take the Tweet down Tom - you fouled up again and got caught. Another fine mess.
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James said...

Tom really is a nasty piece of work and this says it all. Smearing a innocent lady and also Labour. What a tool. I despise neoliberals.

Anonymous said...

Worryingly, in a few weeks this country could be governed by liars and bullshitters much worse than arsehead Harwood.

Anonymous said...

Given all the tory lies and smears......What price another Zinoviev letter?

Jonathan said...

Very frightening, that we have a party and its supporters willing to lie, smear and manipulate the media.
Sounds a bit like the Zinoviev or the Dreyfus affair..
If we end up being governed by these psychopaths, the poor are going to get truly smashed and broken.

Jonathan said...

Maybe a letter from a M'learned friend experienced in defamation cases and litigation, will enable Tom to pipe down.

Jonathan said...

A short letter from M'learned friends about telling tall tales, keep new teaboy quiet till the New Year.