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Monday 9 December 2019

Tories Show Us Their Dystopian Future

The Tories have been criticised for not giving the electorate any sense of vision, any idea of what they want the country to look like in the future under their less than totally benign governance. All they offer us is “Get Brexit Done”, which they cannot, and will not, achieve, neither in a couple of months, nor in a full five year term.
He doesn't care about ordinary people ...

But thanks to the utterances of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his pals, we now have an idea of what a Tory future would look like. And it makes for a grim picture, one where our health service and those who use it are ignored, and the lies and bullying just carry on. It is a truly dystopian and miserable offer.
... while she just lies about them

Joe Pike of ITV News gave some idea of how much the Tory leadership cares about the NHS: “Tried to show [Boris Johnson] the picture of Jack Williment-Barr. The 4-year-old with suspected pneumonia forced to lie on a pile of coats on the floor of a Leeds hospital … The PM grabbed my phone and put it in his pocket”. Bozo didn’t want to see the picture.
James Felton reached the obvious conclusion: “Call me cynical but there's something about the way Johnson hid a journalist's phone rather than look at a photo of a sick 4-year-old boy forced to lie on a hospital floor (on his watch) that makes me think he doesn't really give a shit about anything other than his own career”. It was not an isolated incident.
Someone who gave their working life to the NHS was Enid Stevens. The @ukdemockery Twitter feed noted “93 year old retired nurse, Enid Stevens MBE, left in hospital corridor for 6 days with a broken back. She was in excruciating pain & soaked in her own urine. Tory/LibDem health & social care cuts have been linked to 120,000 - 200,000 deaths”.
Meanwhile, Rachel Venables of LBC observed “Priti Patel’s claimed in the Telegraph a Corbyn government would lead to ’52 more murders a year’ … Nick Ferrari on [LBC] asked Boris Johnson to explain where exactly these numbers came from - he can’t … ‘Where did she get these figures from? She’s just made them up.’” Lying. Again.
Former prosecutor Nazir Afzal was not impressed. “Truly disgusting from Priti Patel … Threatening an increase in murder as political tool … Perhaps, she would like to explain how domestic violence murders are at a 5 year high under her Government … Or how violent crime is rising on her watch … Or how detection levels are dropping … No?
Then the Times reported “EU migrants have been able to ‘treat the UK as if it’s part of their own country’ for too long, Boris Johnson said yesterday as he reprised the core message of Vote Leave’s 2016 EU referendum campaign”. Whipping up the mob for votes. Monique Hawkins was incensed. “HOW BLOODY DARE YOU. You've been happy to take my taxes for over 30 years. Your country's citizens have been happy to have me as their (genuine) friend, (genuine) neighbour & (genuine) colleague. One of them has been happy to have me as his wife. Two of them as their mother”. Might not be voting Tory, then.
And remember that post-Olympic “baby boom” Bozo claimed? Michael Crick showed it never happened. “On that Boris Johnson claim about a baby-boom after the 2012 London Olympics: in 2012 there were 729,674 registered live births in England & Wales.  In 2013, there were 698,512”. The Tories neglect public services. And they just keep on lying.
As for those who thought they were going to be OK as they were - perhaps deniably - doing the Tories’ bidding, even they are not exempt from the desperate bully-boy approach to securing votes, as the BBC’s Norman Smith now realises: “Boris Johnson  says he's looking at scrapping the BBC licence fee … ‘You have to ask whether it makes sense......how long can [you] justify it ?’” The Tories will screw over anyone.
This is a mere flavour of what is to come if Bozo The Clown and his equally unappealing entourage win next Thursday. They will continue to run the NHS and other public services into the ground, while lying about it and trying to bully the messengers into keeping quiet.

Your remedy to the Tories’ dystopian future is straightforward. Don’t vote for the SOBs.
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Anonymous said...

But sadly, people will fall for the Johnson shtick whilst perceiving Corbyn as a relic from the 1970s who'll somehow make every month January 1979.

I think we must (at best) hope for another hung parliament because realistically, Labour cannot win this one. Spare us if Johnson gets a workable majority...

Arnold said...

Matt Hancock visited the hospital to "defuse the row". And was lamped as he left. By a Labour activist according to the Mail. Nobody else of course could object to Bozo's action.

Anonymous said...

Any working class man or woman who votes tory has a death wish. Literally.

Particularly if sick and old.

This is a country on the verge of losing the remainder of its honesty, decency and sanity. All to fulfill the greed of the self-entitled Bullingdon gang and their corner-shop-mentality allies. Which, lest we forget, includes the corrupt phonies of New Labour and the LibDems, plus the cowboy Nazi Yanks.

Britain is facing a choice between a chance - nothing more - to begin restoration of its honour versus the certainty of a reversal to Victorian levels of deliberate deprivation.

Johnson is an evil buffoon. He and his party represent everything wrong in human nature.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 18:25 - once again you repeat the trope that "Johnson is a buffoon".

Far from it: it is merely a persona he projects. He is far more clever and calculating, and you have fallen for it.

Anonymous said...

@ 19:35.

Unfortunately you missed the word "evil". Also the previous observations.

A "mistake". Maybe.

Arnold said...

Anon 19:35. If he was clever and calculating, he would have dealt with that encounter better.

LiamKav said...


A "mistake". Maybe.

What does that even mean? 19:35 Anon is right... Johnson pretends to be a buffon and clown to win over those people who keep giving vox pops saying "at least he has a sense of humour" and as a deflection method to avoid scrutiny. It's been terrifyingly effective for a lot of his career (although there is also some evidence that it's finally starting to wear a bit thin, although unfortunately not enough). I genuinly don't get this "everyone's an enemy" paranoia.

Anonymous said...

@ 09:47.

"Everyone" isn't an enemy.

Only the tories and those who copy or tolerate their ugly assault on human society.

Go read Nye Bevan's 1948 speech.