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Tuesday 17 December 2019

Based Amy JAILED

In a move that suggests that dealing with the far right is now being taken seriously at last, one of their activist stars has been committed to jail for 28 days, which hopefully has sent a message to all the others who think they have a right to harass their targets while going about their work, in their homes, or indeed in any unguarded moment.
Amy Dalla Mura

As the BBC has reported, “A Brexit activist who was ‘obsessed’ with former MP Anna Soubry has been jailed for 28 days for harassing her. Amy Dalla Mura, 56, was found guilty after a trial of repeatedly targeting the ex-Independent Group for Change MP earlier this year. Dalla Mura then also stood as an English Democrat candidate in Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire, against Ms Soubry”. That last part was also harassment.

Do go on. “The court heard Dalla Mura targeted the MP between January and March this year, turning up at events and calling her a ‘traitor’ on live television. She disrupted an event where Ms Soubry was speaking, repeatedly interrupting her and live streaming the event on Facebook, and had to be escorted from the premises before the event continued. A second incident saw Dalla Mura shouting ‘traitor’ as Ms Soubry was interviewed live on BBC's Newsnight in Parliament's Central Lobby, while once again filming on her phone”.

Those who look in regularly on Zelo Street know all about Ms Dalla Mura, who is more often known as Based Amy, or the Bacon Lady. For her, and others like James Goddard - another who has set great store by harassing Ms Soubry - pursuing and threatening MPs is how they connect with their audience. It is also how they whip up the mob against them.

She has got away with her act for long enough: criminal damage (stabbing the “Baby Trump” inflatable with a bladed weapon and injuring herself in the process), harassment of MPs, even Brexiteers (David T C Davies being one victim), getting nicked at climate protests, and the unforgettable moment when she and two colleagues went to Paris to support the Gilets Jaunes movement, and those pals got nicked.
And you can remove her from the audience right now

But the harassment of Ms Soubry took Based Amy’s idiocy to a sinister and indeed frightening level, as the Evening Standard account of her trial suggests. “Sentencing, Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said the murder of Jo Cox had left MPs ‘vulnerable' and afraid that they may be targeted, and said Dalla Mura’s decision to stand for election in Broxtowe showed her determination to pursue Ms Soubry”. There was more.

‘You showed an obsession and fixation with Ms Soubry which has led to you bullying and intimidating, and harassing, this now ex-MP for Broxtowe’, she said. ‘People like you stop ordinary decent people from becoming MPs. This damages democracy, because who would want to put up with this sort of harassment?’” Well, quite.

The far right may consider what Based Amy has done to be just the cut-and-thrust of politics that MPs should expect. Perhaps they believe it’s nothing more than Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, wanting one of his “polite conversations”. But the reality is that this obsessive behaviour is unacceptable.

And now she’s been committed to jail once, it may happen again. And again. Until the penny drops. Yes, there goes Amy Dalla Mura, on her way … out.
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Anonymous said...

Mura was downright stupid to harass the mouthy meff Soubry.

Soubry was always going to implode if left to her rabid self. Which, of course, duly happened. As it will to Esther McVey.

Meanwhile, Mura can try to ease her overheated head by butting her cell wall.

Sam said...

She also got 12 months license and a Criminal Harassment Order which she is eventually bound to breech. Talk about GBH of the ear-hole- imagine those having to share a cell with her!

grim northerner said...

Political intimidation should be treated much more seriously, regardless of its origin. Then all these tedious weekend warriors can go back to their more familiar hatred of people who look just like them but support a different football team.

Arnold said...

Daily Mail commenters aren't happy. As predicted here.
"Daily Mail readers already feeling angry again"

nparker said...


In an article about horrible harassment against an MP, you still focus your energy on attacking... the MP. This isn't about you or your politics.

grim northerner said...

I actually witnessed a vanload of bnp/c18 thugs hightailing out of the estate I lived on back in the early 90s. The reason being that red action were distributing leaflets in the area. The far right have always been cowards and the current incarnation are no different. The fact that they darenot shave their heads and hide behind semantic trickery demonstrates this fact.

Anonymous said...

It's a mystery why Mura bothered in the first place.

Soubry's just background noise. Like Mura.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

@ Anonymous:
'Soubry's just background noise. Like Mura.'

Sadly, no.

Any public gathering (as can be attested from many recent hustings) is likely to be treated to howling, foul and incessant abuse from a hard-right cadre.

Something has been triggered in our social discourse. It doesn't yet come in brown shirts, but we're getting closer all the time.

Anonymous said...

To 19:44.

Should have read "Soubry is background noise since she wasn't elected". Mura's always been background noise.

Agree with the "brown shirts" bit. Some of them are actually in government now.

And oh yes it's going to get much, much worse. It's only necessary to see some of the TV "reporting" of today's Labour Party PLP meeting. Mat "American Dream" Frei on C4 was particularly disgusting.

grim northerner said...

They are using the grooming scandal as a vehicle to attack left wing politics in my neck of the woods. They claim that the labour party hid and continues to hide current abuse and talk of 'two tier policing'. They also conduct 'park patrols and place sinister stickers with an eye around town. The old days of shaved heads, bovver boots and bomber jackets are over. The so called hunters are part of this phenomenon and are share similar rhetoric.