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Saturday 14 December 2019

Katie Hopkins - Full Tory English Racist

Membership numbers appear to be on the up for the Tory Party after many years during which they steadily declined, or so it seems, looking at the number of those out on the right who profess that it is the party for them, that this is now their party. There have been suggestions that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has claimed to be a member. That might not be a good look for The Blue Team.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Also not a good look is the impression given by pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins that she, too, is now part of the Tory Party, especially after she has gone full English racist in no style at all in the period following the exit poll on Thursday evening. For her, the world is now excellent. And that world is exclusively white and English.
Did you let her into the Tory Party?

This, and her tendency to exaggeration, was clear from the outset. “Boris majority on track to be bigger than Thatchers or Blair’s. Incredible turn from Labour to Tory in unthinkable seats like Redcar, jihadi-central-Stoke & Workington … Formally out of the EU in December … Nationalism is back in Britain. Time to put British people first”. Both Mrs T (majority of over 140 in 1983) and Tone (180 in 1997) did far better than Bozo’s 80.
Then came the tsunami of bigotry, the first Hopkins target being SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, for the heinous crime of winning 48 seats across Scotland. "That’s a lot of Blue … The Ginger Dwarf from the North does not speak for all Scots” she sneered, seemingly unaware that the Tories lost half their seats in Scotland.
From there, it was a short hop to full-on racism as she posted a graphic claiming “Safer to be in Syria” with the comment “We have taken back control of England from leftists & those who wish to see this country fail. Now it is time to take back our capital city. Time to Make London Great Again”. Her target? London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
Not that he’s one of those ghastly brown people, you understand. But do go on. "Now that nationalists are in control of England, we begin the fight back for London … It’s time to kick Sadiq Khan out of office”. Actually, it is because he’s one of those brown persons.
That was made clear as she turned her fire on Sayeeda Warsi, who had urged the party she has served for so many years to deal with its racism problem. Hatey Katie wasn’t having any of that. “It’s our party now Warsi. Time you stepped down, love. Way down”. Muslims “lower” than White British? How racist is that?
Well, it’s seriously racist, as Ms Hopkins soon showed. "Your party? Hold on a minute sister. I think you will find it’s OUR party now. Britain has Boris and a blue collar army. Nationalism is back. British people first”. Sayeeda Warsi was born in Dewsbury. She IS British. But that wasn’t what Ms Hopkins really meant, was it?
After echoing the Bozo dog whistle and sneering “Reminds me. Must post my Christmas cards” with a photo of a letter box, she went after Mehdi Hasan, who is also British. “Don’t think of it as a dark day darling. Think of it as a brilliant awakening. Britain is fighting back for its own”. To her, Hasan is not one of “its own”. Because he’s not white.

Bozo’s victory has emboldened the racists. I’ll just leave that one there.
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grim northerner said...

The really bizarre aspect of all this is huge numbers of Indians tweeting approvingly about her anti Islam comments. Someone should let these fools know that English racists do not distinguish Indians from Pakistanis. Hopkins et-al are a danger to them all.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting apology for a human being.
Has anybody reported those tweets to the police?

Anonymous said...

She says openly what many tories say in private. Now joined by others who should know better.

Witness the kind of nation Britain has become over the last four decades.

An even greater tragedy awaits a country which has lost its head.

asquith said...

Can Hopkins afford to buy stamps though

Unknown said...

He's an idea. How about just not giving her the oxygen of publicity Tim. It's exactly what she wants.