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Monday 16 December 2019

We See You, Douglas Murray

The election of a majority Tory Government has caused significant concern among many minority groups, not least followers of The Prophet, and indeed anyone who is not white, because alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has serious previous when it comes to racist bigotry, and indeed homophobia, with his acceptance of anti-Semite Taki Theodoracopulos when editor of the Spectator another concern.
This appears to have spurred another Spectator regular, Doug Murray The K, to tell as many people as he can to “look over there” at the Rotten Lefties™ in a column for the increasingly wayward Mail on Sunday. “Britain's divide isn't North v South or red v blue. It's between the ugly intolerant Left and the rest of us” proclaims the headline of this work of mainly fiction. It wasn’t Bozo The Clown, but Grace Blakeley Who Done It.

Murray is concerned that Ms Blakeley was allowed on to ITV breakfast offering Good Morning Britain the morning after the election, and that she asserted many of Labour’s policies to be popular. I have news for Doug: individually, many of the policies were popular. But because Ms Blakeley was assertive in her delivery, he declares that she is “intolerant”. No, Doug, she’s just speaking up for her party, fighting her corner.
He claims people like her “haven’t met people who don’t agree with them”. Except that is exactly what she was doing on GMB. Still, on he ploughs. “Now, the divide is between the radical Left and everyone else”. Then he moans about Jo Swinson, who cannot by any stretch of the imagination be classed as “radical left”. Then he whines about protesters. 

During demonstrations in Westminster on Friday night, other sore losers congregated to attack the police and insult our democracy”. Someone exercised the right to protest. Who was that being intolerant? Those that have called him out for his bigotry are smeared as “Leftist robots”. But enough of this alt-Right crawler. Let’s identify the real intolerance.
Consider Estella Adeyeri’s account of the post-election racism she has encountered (thread HERE), and her conclusion “I’ve barely been back in the UK two hours, and all of this post-election hostility is so palpable. I’m still on my way home and actually need to go back on the tube later but won’t bother, I don’t feel safe at all travelling alone at night with all this going on. [The vote] has undoubtedly emboldened these brazen right-wing racists”.
Or an article in free sheet Metro that beginsBritish Muslims have started the process of leaving the UK over fears for their ‘personal safety’ now Boris Johnson is Prime Minister for five years … Among them is the head of a Muslim charity, which provides food parcels for poor people in Manchester, after saying he was scared for the ‘future of his children’”.

One Tweeter responded to that article “Sure this will get lots of national mainstream media coverage eh [Paul Brand] [Laura Kuenssberg] [Robert Peston]. Headlines on both channels? It won't … and we all know why. You won't even mention it”. Correctamundo.
Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain implored “We must instead strengthen our resolve, stand up for our rights & fight for equality. Now, more than ever, we need anti-racism solidarity”. Thus the real hatred, and the deceit of Doug Murray The K.

Expect lots more of this puerile deflection in the future. We see you, Douglas Murray.
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Anonymous said...

Just wait until Brexit REALLY gets going.

Incredible as it may seem, socioeconomic conditions will deteriorate yet further. Poverty will increase steadily, especially outside pockets of the south east. England will become even more isolated within the UK. England itself will fracture still more. There will be repeat ineffective Jarrow Marches, maybe even a non-religious and equally betrayed Pilgrimage of Grace. Eventually Scotland will unilaterally leave the British Union. Nationalism will intensify in Wales. Northern Ireland will come to its senses and revert to Eire.

All of it will be accompanied by crackpot far right propaganda spewed out from, for instance, a flag-waving Albert Hall caterwauling a deluded Jerusalem or loony Rule Britannia. The main liars will of course be increasingly shrill and hysterical corporate media fronted by an advert-ridden BBC and Murdoch-Rothermere Uriah Heeps.

In the end the victims will include idiots who turncoated and put these even-more-Nastzi-tories into a position to inlict such horror. By which time it will be too late to do anything other than cower behind a burglar alarms and external CCTV cameras, inject the mogadon of TV soap operas and "box sets" or pay through the nose for the equivalent of Colosseum "games".

The tragedy is it could all have been so different and relatively decent. The possibilities were clearly laid out in the Labour Manifesto. But lemmings decided to dive over a cliff and won't know the consequences until they hit the bottom.

Britain has wilfully ignored the lessons of history. As did Germany in 1933. At the present rate the consequences will be all too obvious.

grim northerner said...

the conservative and unionist party are balkanising the UK. I think the English elites know the union is doomed in the long-term and are consolidating into an English, not British nationalism. I fear Murray and his ilk, with their thinly veiled social Darwinism, are the intellectual force guiding the Tories. This does not bode well for humanity and social justice in the next five years. If the snp offer citizenship in the near future I suspect there may be an exodus of highly educated and compassion people heading north one day.

BombJack said...


Anonymous said...

Utter tosh.

Rupert Oldham said...


Anonymous said...

Where is the evidence that British Muslims have started the process of leaving the UK? I would hazard a guess that Muslims are increasingly voting conservative as their community becomes more prosperous.

Anonymous said...

To 22:08.

A fair question, that.

To which may be added: Where is the evidence from far right Pollard of a Jewish exodus from Britain had Labour won the election?

There has always been a hard right, indeed FASCIST, inclination in all organised religion. Check out the Catholic and Protestant record in that regard. It isn't limited to Muslims and Jews. India Hinduism isn't looking too good either.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 22:08 the evidence is in the article in the metro quoted in this post above.

Unknown said...

Douglas Murray- a voice of reason in a crowd of madmen!

Anonymous said...

What a load of garbage. The left clearly never learns the lessons of their defeats. Please continue, I can't wait for the next outbursts when Trump gets re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Social justice is the enemy of humanity. It is what fuels the left's insanity. I prefer actual justice to social justice.

grim northerner said...

The barbarians have breached the gate!

grim northerner said...


grim northerner said...

You'd guess wrong, they have strong support amongst some Hindus though, I wonder why that could be...hmmmmm

grim northerner said...

Just him alone...and Jordan Paterson... And Charles Murray..
And Toby young...vs every humanities, sociology and psychology department in the land..

Anonymous said...

"The Prophet" lol

It's all plagiarised from Judeo-Christianity with added fascism.

Not sure if this blog is parody or not but it's fucking brilliant.

Anonymous said...

@ 15:37.

Well, plain old fashioned justice of any kind will do. You know, the sort that stopped in 1979.

For example, the sort denied the Hillsborough and Grenfell families. The sort that might have prevented this country turning into a far right authoritarian seedy shit hole.

But I don't expect you to understand that. The Daily Heil seems your best home.

Anonymous said...

If Muslims leaving UK would be really true news that would be a good start of 2020. Somehow I doubt it. What spring to mind is that famous sentence: We want our country back.

Tone said...

Indeed, Islam is deeply socially conservative. It is that which many, including myself, have grave misgivings about.

Anonymous said...

If there are still some naive souls unaware of the nightmare depths this country is about to plumb......read the comments at 08:34 and 09:12.

Might as well understand those commenters will be waving the hakenkreuz next......Then, after that......

Britain 2019/Germany 1933. Two very sick nations. Unchanged, one very certain outcome.