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Friday 6 December 2019

Katie Hopkins History Fail

The people of Norway have never forgotten those who came to their aid in their hour of need, and one of those true friends is Great Britain. It was our country that gave the Norwegian people hope during the dark days of a brutal Nazi occupation during World War 2; it was our country that was there for them. So as each year draws to a close, the people of Norway renew their thanks to Britain with a gift from the country’s forests.
Viewers may still want to look away now

That gift is a Christmas tree, but not any old Christmas tree: a Norwegian spruce, 90 years old, is sent to London and is displayed in Trafalgar Square. This year has been no different; as with every year since 1947, the tree has arrived and will soon be decorated. Whatever has happened in those 72 years, this sign of friendship has endured.
Most people understand this. Not pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, who has taken one look at the tree and seen an opportunity for a little racist bigotry. “Holy Hell. Did the Muslim mayor choose this sorry excuse for a tree? SHAME ON LONDON. Get this scrag-end changed” she ranted, with the severely adverse comment arriving soon after.
Louise Ellis Davies was on hand to put Hatey Katie straight. “Norway very kindly sends us a tree as a sign of gratitude for helping them in World War 2. To shun their gift in this way is deeply insulting, to Norway, and to the Britons who gave their lives defending Europe from tyranny. And you call yourself a patriot”. Some patriot, eh?
Meanwhile, the BBC had its own moan about the tree. “The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square has been branded a turkey over its ‘droopy’ foliage and ‘thin’ appearance. Since 1947, Norway has sent a spruce every year that is installed in the centre of the central London square. But some have been unimpressed by the 2019 offering, commenting on the festive favourite's ‘drab’ and ‘sad’ look”. Bit of ignorance never goes amiss.
Norway has had a record hot summer and rather a lot of forest fires. But back to the bigot blowback. Louise Raw, who you can tell as she’s a Doctor, was contemptuous of the Hopkins hot air. “It’s a GIFT FROM NORWAY, you ludicrous dingbat - You don’t seem to know much about British history for a ‘patriot’; though I can see why you might have blocked out the bits where we fought FASCISTS”. Well, quite.
Others showed their appreciation for Norway’s gift. “I won't quote Katy Hopkins. But her dim comments once again show her as an abhorrent human being. The Trafalgar Sq tree is a gift by the people of Norway to Brits,  a thank you for assistance in WW2. The tree is a tall, slim Norwegian spruce, celebrated with a lovely ceremony … I wish someone would remove Katie Hopkins Bile duct - it appears to be overflowing. Again. Thanks for the Trafalgar Square Spruce tree, Norway. The rest of us appreciate it”.
And Abdullah Afzal was on hand to make the obvious comment. “It’s actually a gift from Norway, for our part in defeating your lot (fascists)”. Got it in one.

If brains were TNT, Katie Hopkins would not have enough to blow her head off.
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The Toffee (597) said...

F complete and total FS. Someone muzzle that deranged crank.

The tree gift is something I learned in primary school 40 years ago.

PLEASE can someone on twatter tell hopkins that the air she breathes has in all probability passed through a muslim's lungs at some stage. hopefully the fucking weirdo will self-asphyxiate because of that fact.


Anonymous said...

And if brains were made of chocolate she wouldn't have enough to make a smartie.

As times move on we're hearing less and less from her, but can she really be this ignorant? Or is this just the latest attempt to grab the microphone?

Anonymous said...

Even the SS would turn down a membership application from Hopkins - on the grounds that she's too obviously a crackpot and therefore an embarassment to the Hugo Boss uniform.

She's way beyond medication and counselling. There's something seriously wrong with the woman.

AndyC said...

Waiting for her to say that she knows the history of the tree-giving, though she clearly didnt know, but the tree is what she would think Khan would choose. In her fetid mind it was a joke.
You are right with your assessment of her brain power but I've always used a different version, 'If her brains were dynamite she couldnt blow her hat off.'

Anonymous said...

Hopkins will have Christmas bills to pay.

She's pleading "remember me!" to a world that has moved on to the next freakshow.

Anonymous said...

She's untalented enough to get a role in East Enders.

As Alf Garnett's daughter.

All you have to do is press the right buttons......

Jonathan said...

Hatey Katey, full of bitter and bile, with no friends anymore. Surely our good friends in Norway should consider banning this troll from entering Norway.

grim northerner said...

I wonder if she frigs herself off to the 1970s incarnation of Davros.

Arnold said...

"Brian Moore
Replying to
.Hey Katie, remember when you owned a house in which you could could have a Christmas tree"

Anonymous said...

She'll be the first individual to disappear up her own anal canal while spitting, screeching and scratching at the carpet. If she survives that she'll be found in old age shouting and throwing orange peel at passing buses.

A very tragic but highly dangerous sociopath.

iMatt said...

Many who bang the patriot drum the loudest are the most ignorant about their own country about which they claim to be so very patriotic. Hopkins is a perfect example of this. A spiteful ignorant individual who has rapidly been reduced to merely looking for a reaction to her ignorance.