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Sunday 1 December 2019

Bozo Fibs Through Marr Interview

So it was that, having thus far avoided a grilling from Andrew Neil, alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson rocked up at New Broadcasting House this morning to be interviewed by the host of The Andy Marr Show™. And now that the transcript of that interview has been made available, we can see the scale of the dishonesty to which he resorted in order to bluff his way through it. There were lies. A lot of lies.
This was especially true on his attempted blame-shifting on the London Bridge attack, as he blustered “When the judges reviewed his sentence in 2012, they had no option but to comply with the law that Labour brought in 2008”. It was not Labour’s law that had to be complied with, but that which the Tories had enacted in 2012. And his sentence was reviewed not in 2012, but in 2013. This lie was then repeated. A lot.

He was sentenced under Labour’s system that allowed him to be released automatically having served only eight years … this whole system of automatic early release, which was brought in by Labour … .because of changes to the law that were brought in by the Labour Party … that was brought in by Labour … 74 other individuals who’ve been let out early on the basis of this Labour change to the legislation”. Not true. Any of it.

But hey ho, and on to the next whopper, as Bozo asserted “Jeremy Corbyn has said he would disband MI5”. Lie. Flat-out lie. Also, Priti Patel has made a similar claim against Diane Abbott on the basis of something Ms Abbott said 32 years ago. Desperate.

On the NHS, Bozo kicked off with a recycled whopper: “We’re upgrading 20 hospitals and building 40 new ones”. Marr had to correct him. “When you say I’m putting in seed money for a business plan it’s not a hospital. Seed money for 36 business plans is not 36 new hospitals”. Nurses? Same again: “you mentioned 50,000 nurses” said Bozo. Marr reminded him “Of which 19,000 as you know are not new”.
Social care went the same way. Where, Marr asked, was the clear plan that had been promised on the steps of 10 Downing Street? “I accept that the full plan needs to be developed”. So he didn’t have a plan? “Actually I think there is an emerging national consensus about this”. There isn’t. No plan, no vision, no idea.

Child poverty? “Actually there are 400,000 fewer children in poverty than there were in 2010”. The Government’s own figures show it has increased by 500,000. Brexit and Northern Ireland? Marr asked “On Brexit will there be tariffs and checks on goods moving from Northern Ireland into Great Britain?” Bozo: “Absolutely not”. Absolutely not true.

Nor was his answer on the avoidance of a Brillo grilling. Marr: “Why are you avoiding being interviewed by Andrew Neil?” Bozo: “I’m perfectly happy to be interviewed by any interviewer called Andrew from the BBC”. No he isn’t. There was, though, one last whopper held back until the very end: “Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party … would abandon NATO”. That also has no basis in fact.

Jezza has made no secret of his opinion that NATO should have disbanded in 1990, but neither he, nor his party, have advocated abandoning it.

Boris Johnson is a habitual liar and unfit to be Prime Minister. But you knew that already.
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Arnold said...

"BJ: The advantage of the Conservative - this election is we have
635 candidates who all signed up. And they have been
lobotomised, Andrew, they’ve all signed up perfectly freely from all
spectrums – to a very, very good deal which enables us to come
out on January 31st."
What? No NHS waiting lists for lobotomies? Or did they go private?

Anonymous said...

Guess what...The "interview" by tory Marr will be ignored in tomorrow's far right oligarch-owned British print and broadcast media.

It's a toss up who is the most corrupt...Bozo and his clown flea circus or British propaganda clerks.

Incidentally, Bozo's choice of Marr tells you all you need to know about Marr. As does video editing of the bullshit spectacle.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Thank you.

Mark said...

What really irritates me is these lies are never challenged head on there and then. No, they're allowed to more or less pass and then get picked over by the BBC's Fact Check later on. But here's the rub; many will have watched Marr's interview of Pinocchio Johnson this morning, but not many will actually log on to see what the BBC Fact Check makes of it. Once again, the BBC has done as its masters want it to; allow a serial liar to spread his dangerous untruths about the opposition and use a terrorist attack as a political football.

Anonymous said...

Watch Liara Kuenssberg do another Bozo puff piece.

A woman with ethics running on empty.

Or Huw "£500k per annum" Edwards again look and sound like a cardboard tory cut-out with an upper lip problem.

And that's just two from the BBC stable of Yesmen and Women. There are plenty of others.

Jonathan said...

Tory Laura Kussenberg, will be busy scripting a propaganda hit piece on Jeremy Corbyn for No10.
The woman has no soul.

Unknown said...

How can any sane, competent person vote for such a despicable liar, cheat, and con man who has no morals of honour whatsoever..?????

nparker said...

I don't think some commenters have read enough of this article. Marr did expose Johnson's lies several times, as recorded in this very Zelo Street article. Hyperbole gets one nowhere.