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Sunday 30 October 2011

Parish Notice – Comment Is Free, But ...

Zelo Street has allowed comments without moderation for more than two and a half years. That decision was made at the outset for one reason, and that was to make the blog accessible to anyone looking in, so that they could offer their feedback and have that published as soon as they had clicked Submit.

On occasion, there have been instances of trolling, but until recently these have been few and far between – and have subsided after being called out. Sadly, in the last fortnight, there has been rather more in the way of personal abuse and trolling, with no sign that those responsible have the intellectual capacity to take the hint.

So, regrettably, comment moderation has today been introduced on Zelo Street. I will try to check comments regularly and so pass them for publication. Paradoxically, this move will most likely cause the troll tendency to desist, but if moderation were to be removed, they would be back in short order.

My apologies to those – and that’s almost all – who stop by and comment, who will be inconvenienced by the change. In the meantime, on with the blogging!

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