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Thursday 16 September 2010

Two Mils In Search Of A Leadership

A long, long time ago – well, just after the General Election and its immediate aftermath – the starting gun was fired for the Labour leadership contest. The race is still being run, but the end is in sight. That is no bad thing: what will be needed in the next year or two will be an opposition that keeps the present Government honest.

The most certainty about the result is about who will not win: Andy Burnham and Diane Abbott are not likely to get anywhere near this particular prize. It is increasingly clear that Pa Broon’s former confidant “Auguste” Balls will be joining them, but his ability to rough up whoever he shadows will mean he remains in the spotlight.

Which leaves the two brothers, so will it be Mil the Elder (previously thought to be favourite) or Mil the Younger, now believed to be doing well on second preferences? My take is that the Elder will shave it, though last weekend’s Screws decided that Ed Miliband was in the lead. This enabled them to deploy their staggeringly unoriginal nickname of “Red Ed” (geddit?!?!?).

Fortunately, this particular convocation of Rupe’s downmarket troops will vanish behind a paywall next month, so we will be spared the routinely inarticulate “edges ahead of bruv” headline style. And, given their increasingly distant relationship with Labour, it would be best to get a second opinion before believing the Screws’ story.

All the candidates are on Question Time tonight, and then it’s less than a fortnight to the finish line.

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