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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Tea Party – Routine Hypocrisy

With the mid-terms just five weeks away, one Senate race that looks neck and neck is in Nevada, where Majority Leader Harry Reid is being challenged by “Tea Party” candidate Sharron Angle. Angle is one of those normally reluctant to talk to the media, except when given a softball session by Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

Angle is also very upfront about Government mandated health care: she has said that the recently passed bill should be repealed. So it might be thought that she would distance herself from any such scheme. But that thought would be misplaced: she and her husband – a retired Federal official – are both in receipt of Government provided health care.

That is in stark contrast to the 18% of Nevada citizens who have no health insurance. Moreover, Angle continues to assert that health care in the US is the world’s best, despite a recent WHO assessment putting it at number 37.

And she, like so many on the right, fails consistently to address the point that the USA spends around 15% of its GDP on health care, while the UK spends just 8%. Health outcomes in the USA are less good than the UK.

Go figure.

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