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Thursday 16 September 2010

Merv Meets The Unions

Yesterday, the Governor of the Bank of England addressed the TUC. That might not seem too unusual, except that this was only the second time in over 140 years that it has happened. He even got a round of applause afterwards, and there was a Q&A session.

Not everyone was happy at his presence: Bob “Scare” Crow and his fellow RMT delegates walked out, rather than listen to Merv the Swerve. Crow doesn’t like the idea of his members being on the wrong end of pay curbs and job cuts when, as he tells, the state of the economy is all the banks’ and bankers’ fault.

Crow is entitled to his view, and everyone tuned in to last Sunday’s Andy Marr Show heard it loud and clear. But Mervyn King’s speech was pitched sensitively and thoughtfully – and many other delegates were at least appreciative that he had delivered it.

It was a pity that no member of the Government made a similar gesture – whatever the reason.

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