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Saturday 25 September 2010

Tea Party – More Top Entertainment

The leadership of the GOP must be wondering whether all the primary-winning choices made in the run up to the Mid-Terms will prove helpful, as more video is released showing Delaware Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell apparently speaking before thinking.

First clip to surface is from Scarborough Country, forerunner of Morning Joe on MSNBC. Here, O’Donnell enthusiastically confirms that she is in favour of stopping the whole country from having sex.

And to prove that this is not an isolated incident, Bill Maher has, as promised, aired another clip of O’Donnell from his late 90s show Politically Incorrect. Here, she dismisses evolution as “a myth”. Her clinching argument against evolution is “why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?”.

Eagle eyed watchers may also have noticed the presence on Maher’s Real Time panel of one Andrew Breitbart, of heavily edited ACORN “sting” video notoriety. He is not looking like someone who is about to leap to O’Donnell’s defence when Maher points out that this is someone who could soon be in the US Senate.

And this is what Maher is driving at: it’s not good for democracy to look bad, whether it’s in the UK, the USA, or anywhere else that is being held up as an example to others. I like a lot of things about the USA, but as to the advisability of sending some of the Tea Partiers to Washington, I’m not so sure.

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