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Monday 6 September 2010

Murdoch Is Served (18)

And still Phonehackgate will not go away, despite the best efforts of Rupe’s troops and the right leaning part of the blogosphere to rubbish the efforts of the Guardian, Independent, and New York Times. The actions of the former are expected and predictable: those of the latter miss the whole point by some distance.

Yes, there is a party political element to the story, solely because former Screws editor Andy Coulson is now Young Dave’s chief spinmeister. Therefore any politician opposed to the new and improved two-headed donkey and its “Coalition Agreement” may seek to gain advantage by keeping the story running.

But there is a general point at issue, and it is here that the right leaning part of the blogosphere falls down. The use of less than wholly legal means in pursuit of otherwise confidential information – whether it is voicemail, health records or business details – does not observe party political boundaries.

Therefore it is entirely possible, now that the Tories are in Government, that the practitioners of the so-called “dark arts” will turn their attention on them, rather than Labour. The temptation for the Fourth Estate to turn to hacking, blagging and other less than wholesome means in their pursuit of folks like William ‘Ague must be bordering on the overwhelming.

And, should ‘Ague, or any other prominent Coalition politician, be brought down by these dubious means, those in and around the Tory supporting blogosphere will be the ones screaming loudest. Then, and only then, the penny may drop. Moreover, the realisation may come that Rupe and his troops are out first and foremost for themselves. Politicians are, to them, less important.

It is for this reason that those screaming “non story” the loudest will come to regret their stance, in the sure and certain manner of night following day.

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