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Sunday 12 September 2010

Rousing Finale

September, as always, has brought the Last Night of the Proms, and the occasion was – if predictable in its content – enjoyable music making. It was also excellent television, and for the BBC, whose own Symphony Orchestra was on view for the finale.

Added to the audience in the Albert Hall were tens of thousands at “Proms in the Park” events around the UK. It was the kind of crossover between the highbrow and the populist that the Beeb does very well, and, whisper it quietly, nowadays is virtually alone in so doing.

So those who would rather not have the BBC, at least in its present state, would not have been happy viewers last night. Events like the Proms season are best forgotten when arguing for selling off, breaking up, or otherwise hobbling what is the world’s greatest broadcasting organisation.

As for Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, well, it just makes his job that bit more tricky. Because, coming towards him with the certainty of a ticking clock, is the licence fee settlement.

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