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Saturday 18 September 2010

Tea Party – Top Entertainment

Since securing the GOP nomination for the upcoming Delaware senate race, Christine O’Donnell has begun to attract media scrutiny – and not all of it favourable.

Friday evening, the subject of O’Donnell and the Tea Party movement was discussed on the Tonight Show, when Jay Leno’s guests included the evergreen Arianna Huffington. Although Arianna was on promoting her book Third World America, she found time to conclude that anger among the electorate – the driver of the Tea Party movement - was because “The Democrats and the Republicans have for 30 years now screwed the middle class”.

And, although Arianna told that O’Donnell’s success was not all bad – “Anyone in my book who gets Karl Rove that upset must be doing something right” – she did not consider that masturbation was the huge problem O’Donnell believed it to be, concluding “Self love is deficit-neutral”.

Had that been the most severe analysis on her candidacy, O’Donnell might not have been too concerned. But Bill Maher, on whose previous show Politically Incorrect O’Donnell had guested 22 times, has decided that he’ll release a clip of her on that show every week until she agrees to appear on his current prog Real Time. “It’s like a hostage crisis” he explained.

So what? Well, the first clip Maher has run shows O’Donnell admitting that she dabbled in witchcraft, and had a picnic on a satanic altar. Possibly not unconnected with this latest revelation is the news that O’Donnell has pulled out not only from CBS’ Face The Nation tomorrow, but also from a softball session on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

Whatever their politics, these Tea Partiers make elections so much more entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Your November 3 entry will make interesting reading.

Tim Fenton said...

Why, what has Bill Maher got in store for that date?