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Friday 10 September 2010

Greetings, Pop Pickers!

Over the last few days, Total Politics magazine has been releasing the results of their Annual Blog Poll. This took place in late July – it seems a long, long time ago now – and I asked Zelo Street readers for their support.

Well, someone must have answered the call, because Zelo Street has entered the Top Fifty Non Aligned list at number 36. Is that good? Well, it’s just nine behind the excellent Tabloid Watch, six behind the Beeb’s Stephanie Flanders, and one behind Inspector Gadget.

And - a source of pride as I read his blog - thirteen places in front of Robert Peston. Just hoooooooooww good is that? And nine in front of Andrew Gilligan, but then he’s just a total [characterisation omitted].

Many, many thanks to all you folks who voted for this blog. Let the blogging continue!

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