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Tuesday 7 September 2010

Murdoch Is Served (19)

So there is to be another inquiry into Phonehackgate by the House of Commons home affairs select committee. The decision was taken after Assistant Commissioner John Yates of the Met – the same man who got saddled with the Cash-For-Peerages business that put another stain on the saintly premiership of Tone – was interviewed.

However, even though the new and improved two-headed donkey has formed a Government, they do not have a monopoly on select committee chairs. That for home affairs goes to Labour’s Keith Vaz, a man known for holding firm and asking questions, especially when his opponents would rather he desist.

But, so what? Well, given the already borderline paranoia exhibited by some on the fringe of the Tory Party, as I’ve already noted earlier today, Vaz’ decision is likely to stoke up the bunker mentality yet further. Moreover, Yates of the Yard has indicated that he will be inviting Young Dave’s chief spinmeister Andy Coulson in for a chat in the not too distant future.

And there is the spectre of more politicians, slebs and hangers on queuing up to find out whether they have had their voicemails illegally accessed by anyone acting on behalf of Rupe’s troops at the Screws and Super Soaraway Currant Bun. The Murdochs have already paid out north of two million notes to cause a number of folks to keep schtum: that bill might just get bigger.

Added to that, every revelation of more illegal activity merely ramps up the pressure on the Met, and will precipitate questions about their conduct of the affair – along with the closeness of the relationship between them and News Corp. And one thing should, by now, be coming clear to the right leaning part of the blogosphere.

That is, that there is no use trying to pretend that this is merely a party political row, a conspiracy, or that their man is being treated unfairly. It is about straightforward, organised, and blatant criminality. End of story.

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