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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Phoney War – 2

It’s September, which means party conference season, and that of the Lib Dems is drawing to a close. There has been little in the way of rebellions against the leadership, barring a defeat on the push for more “free schools”, a pet project of Education Secretary “Oiky” Gove. Corporal Clegg is as secure as ever.

So is this a sign that there is nothing to worry about? Well, no it isn’t. As I noted recently, the upcoming spending cuts are being discussed and debated across the political spectrum, but they are not yet a reality in most folks’ lives. Thus there has been little for the Lib Dem faithful to complain about.

As ever, the numbers can be batted to and fro, but it is only when the Government’s spending review reports – next month, I was one out on that previous post – that those numbers are known for sure. Even then, the results of the cuts will not have come to pass: even those job losses will not yet have happened.

And only then will those Lib Dem faithful have their patience and loyalty truly tested. Next year’s gathering may look rather different.

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