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Friday 17 January 2020

Red Roar Rebecca Rubbish ROASTED

After John F Kennedy secured the presidential nomination of the US Democratic Party in 1960, his opponents wasted no time in framing him as the Catholic candidate, playing on ancient prejudice against adherents of the Church of Rome. He could not be trusted to act in the interests of all Citizens, because he would be under the control of the Pope. So went the dog-whistle: the distrust of the “Boston Irish” writ large.
That was one of the reasons why he chose Lyndon Johnson, a protestant, as his running mate - to take the Catholic flavour - his words - from his campaign. Anti-Catholic sentiment has, as with anti-Semitism, never really gone away: even in the UK, it is an itch that some are still prepared to scratch. And with the candidacy of Becky Long Bailey for the Labour leadership, it has been scratched by anti-Labour site The Red Roar in no style at all.
Ms Long Bailey is a Catholic, to which many will shrug and respond “so what?” But there are those still susceptible to being swayed by old mistrust, so it should have surprised no-one to read “Long-Bailey backs stricter abortion laws”. The claim hinges on one expression of personal opinion, on the question of disability. Here’s what she said.
It is currently legal to terminate a pregnancy up to full-term on the grounds of disability while the upper limit is 24 weeks if there is no disability. I personally do not agree with this position and agree with the words of the Disability Rights Commission that ‘the context in which parents choose whether to have a child should be one in which disability and non-disability are valued equally’”. Did you know full-term abortion can be allowed?
It’s clearly her personal opinion, and about disability rights. But to conclude that she “backs stricter abortion laws” is over-egging the pudding. Moreover, the Red Roar claim “she would ‘play her part’ in ‘ensuring that [the Catholic Church’s] views are heard’” is not supported by any context that backs up the headline claim, and the further citing of her telling “anyone who attempts to ‘procure her own miscarriage’ is committing a criminal act and subject to a jail sentence” is no more than a factual statement.
That much was bad enough, but worse was to come as supposedly rational pundits took the Red Roar on trust. Ian Dunt, normally so knowledgeable and clued-up, Retweeted the claim without further comment. Hadley Freeman sniped “Oh thank God someone is making sure ‘the Catholic Church's views are heard’ about abortion. Truly, this just what the left needs and just what women need in the 21st century. We've all been saying it!” And Zoe Williams added “I don’t get the sense that RLB is against abortion: but this does chime with the view that she will say literally anything to get out of a spot”.
One observer had to remind everyone “Guido Fawkes claimed RLB's husband was a Multi-Millionaire Director. Turned out it wasn't true. Now a blog called Red Roar claims RLB wants restricting the law on abortion. Turns out this is not true either”. Aaron Bastani addedI’ve asked for comment from [RLB’s] team re ‘Red Roar’ story, as any journalist is meant to”. And Matt Zarb Cousin was particularly severe on Ian Dunt.

She does not, and has never, advocated for restricting the law on abortion. As a credible journalist with an actual lobby pass I’d like to think you would check your sources before spewing out bile from publications with a factional interest rather than an interest in the truth”. As with JFK, now with RLB. The Catholic scare - it’s always out there.
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Anonymous said...

The fake liberal newspaper that is the Guardian was claiming that the fake Labour website, Red Roar, was an actual Labour supporting site, in its first draft of this story. I guess no-one is surprised to see Freeman getting the boot in, I doubt that one could reciprocate at the dear old Graun.

Anonymous said...

Oh it'll get worse.

tory Nastzi media will go after others in Rebecca's family, plus friends. It's what they do. For example of which, see Meghan Markle's experience.

There's nothing the gutless conscience-free guttersnipes won't do to pay their mugs mortgage.

Anonymous said...

Was Guido associated with that site?
I'm sure it was put out there once?

Anonymous said...

Oo look - right (literally) on time...here comes that utter fraud Paul Mason with the same far right propaganda line.

Except these days Mason fools nobody but himself.

Anonymous said...

JFK did not choose Lyndon Johnson to be his running mate. He chose Senator Stuart Symington.

However, before the announcement could be made, he got a visit from Johnson who blackmailed his way onto the ticket using an FBI file supplied by J.Edgar Hoover. The revelation that, during the war, JFK had had a relationship with a woman, Inga Arvad, who was a suspected Nazi spy, would have been deeply damaging to his campaign.

That Johnson did meet with JFK at such a crucial time is confirmed by Clark Clifford in his memoirs ‘Counsel to the President’. He says that JFK called him up to his room, withdrew his offer to Symington and asked him to pass on the message.

By this time, a number of people who had threatened Johnson’s ambitions had met violent deaths. In turn, JFK would be added to that list.


Andy Foster said...

Where does the Guardian find its women columnists? Women in politics used to mean a kinder, gentler way of doing things. But with the G it now means scratch-your-eyes-out viciousness. Neither Freeman nor Williams has bothered to look at the issue. I didn't know that full-term abortions were legal for disabilities and it shocks me: one step from eugenics. All we need now is one of Marina Hyde's humourous articles. Remember her charming piece of guilt by association about Piers Corbyn? She is so amusing, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

The also had a "story" the other day saying "Long-Bailey and Burgon endorsed by NEC member suspended over antisemitism".

Anonymous said...

To 15:05.

You think that's bad?

Re-read Toynbee's attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, also reruns of TV propaganda appearances. The woman almost spits hate. All of it encouraged by right wing Viner

Which demonstrates not only can women be as bad as men, they can also be much worse. As if free thinking humanists needed to be told.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

These comments! What a lot of hysterical crap.

Catholics should have no easier a ride than any other religious group if they appear to be letting the prescriptive dogmas of their irrational belief-systems interfere with their attitudes to matters which affect the freedoms of others who haven't signed up to such bollocks. The fact that some of the criticism of Long-Bailey comes from the usual bunch of tossers shouldn't affect our reactions at all.

And for God's sake don't start sanctifying L-B and defending her every word and position; we'll have at least 5 years to reflect on where that sort of conformist siege mentality just got us.

Anonymous said...

To 14:49.

Not quite accurate, though mostly true.

Kennedy had to carry the South and reluctantly initially chose Johnson to do that, thinking that maybe he was too proud to accept. Symington was but one preference. Internal opposition grew when the choice became widely known. Bobby Kennedy then barged into Johnson's room and tried to brow beat him into withdrawing, which Johnson of course refused - thus establishing mutual hatred. The Kennedys fully intended to drop Johnson for the 1964 election as he was linked to Baker-Sol Estes corruption.

The Arvid-as-Nazi stuff is an allegation, not proven, and, given crazy Hoover's hatred of the Kennedys, almost certainly a mere smear. Certainly Kennedy had a deep affair with her but that proves nothing except the hypocritical prurience of Hoover and naive public attitudes of the day.

Anonymous said...

Who is giving them the material to do it? Who is picking up the phone? Call themselves victims I suppose!

Tut tut.

* Wanted*

Credible sources.

Anonymous said...


Where did LHO fit into it all?
Carlos Marcello was on trial at the time too.

Was it a case of 'let it happen' because people stand to gain from it?

Jack Ruby killing LHO just added more suspicion. If he hadn't of killed LHO, I doubt the conspiracy would be as big today.
Nobody is questioning John Lennon's murder.
Just saying it was a random nutter forgetting the fact people can be turned into unwitting assassins.
Shouldn't the media know all about that?

Anonymous said...

The Guardian has it's issues. They exposed Murdoch I believe. Guido started shouting about their taxes.
You know him, he's the one who claims to be the ultimate in alternative media. Boasts about his global.attention.
He who doesn't say anything detrimental about anyone stateside. Puts more value on a police officers life in officialdom. What is he after? An easy time?

The fact he keeps quiet about US scandals should raise questions. Where is his money really coming from?
He has had the occasional outburst about British Paedos though.

He does as much good for British politics as a concrete chair does for piles!

Shove that in your Chablis on the rocks!

People maybe should re-think their choices if they believe he is not selling them down the river.

Voted remain, did he?

Anonymous said...

@ 15:55.

Nobody's "sanctifying" Rebecca Long-Bailey anymore than they "sanctified" Jeremy Corbyn. They're supporting a democratic political position. Nor is anybody "sanctifying" ANY religion.

But your choice of words shows it's YOU vomiting hysterical crap. Of the kind that entrenched the international war criminality and domestic toryism of Bliar-Brown - which may have "won" elections but brought this nation even lower.

No small surprise, then, when Bliar converted to the irrational beliefs of the Catholic church. Where "God" may forgive him, but millions of his dead innocent victims can't. Nor will Catholic "confession" clear his guilt - he'll carry that to his unmourned grave. Meantime, like his puppy dog pack, he'll try to forget it all by attacking true decent democrats. But history won't be so forgiving.

Rather one Rebecca Long-Bailey and Jeremy Corbyn than ten million Bliars. The human cost is too much.

Anonymous said...

You mention Blair, you couldn't extend it to why he is so disliked and take into account the reason Iran are distrustingbus For a?
You blame Brown and Blair, but you didn't mention the assholes who was clearly pulling the strings did you?

Bush. Murdoch pushing the narrative also?
Tim's blog today on JFK might be pertinent too.
After all, it is claimed somebody called and tipped off a British newsdesk about JFK assassination before it happened?

Why here in England?

Surely Police and Mi5 would have logs seeing as they were allegedly notified?
A memo is said to have turned up in JFK files anyway.


nparker said...

Oh, calm down for God's sake and have some dignity. You don't seem to have any actual specific issues with anything Tim has written. You're just ranting. Either list the actual problems you can see with what is contained in the post above or just don't bother at all.

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous 17 January 2020 at 16:17:

Thank you for your contribution.

I have just found this on the Spartacus website:

“In 1952 Symington was elected to the Senate. He became a respected political figure and in 1960 attempted to win the party's presidential nomination. John F. Kennedy won the nomination and decided to make Symington his running-mate. When Clark Clifford brought him the news, Symington accepted the post but said: "I bet you a hundred dollars that no matter what he says, Jack will not make me his running mate. He will have to pick Lyndon".”

It then continues:

“In the background Philip Graham and Joseph Alsop were attempting to persuade John F. Kennedy to appoint Lyndon B. Johnson instead. Despite the objection of Robert Kennedy and other leading advisers, Kennedy decided to replace Symington with Johnson.”

What is interesting here is that Philip Graham is from the Washington Post. It and Alsop both had strong links to the CIA. The Washington Post later helped the CIA to bring down President Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Lee Harvey Oswald was, as he claims, set up.

That is why it would be too dangerous to allow him to go to trial.
Ruby had longstanding links to Lyndon Johnson. When he saw LHO gunned down on television, Nixon recalled that Ruby had been introduced to him in 1947 as ‘one of Lyndon Johnson’s boys’.

Strongly suspecting that LBJ was behind Kennedy’s assassination, Nixon fought to see the CIA files on the matter. For this, and for other reasons, the CIA then brought Nixon down.

There are several examples of news that JFK was to be assassinated. One was picked up by someone in the armed forces. I think he then got put in a psychiatric hospital when he reported it to his superiors.

Anonymous said...

Security details.
And there never were any snipers on the rooftops!

H said...

This is quite revealing...